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Protein has He Chong to want action in children cerebra and intellectual growth

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Protein has He Chong to want action in children cerebra and intellectual growth
Protein is the main material that makes human body cell, it is the foundation of life. Protein is comprised by a variety of amino acid. After the food that contains protein enters human body, the course is digested, decompose amino acid, human body uses amino acid, will make the protein of oneself again. It is one of bases that are cerebral cell, it is cerebral cell excitement and the corporeal base that control a process, its language to the person, think, memory, nerve is conducted, the respect such as motion is having main effect. What physiological place says is excited, it is the activity that points to a cell; Eliminate or abate the action of this kind of activity. Call restrain. Intelligent activity is finished again by the excitement of cerebral cell and the combination that restrain countless times. Excited composition, happen by electropositive material; Low-key composition, happen by negative material. The person inhibition in excitement in the process, negative and positive the essence of two kinds of material is protein. Glutamic acid comes from in protein call r - the material with butyric ammonia, it is encephalon is made through enzymatic action come out, from r - ammonia is butyric in make a positive or negative material. Person head is in intelligent activity process, glutamic acid has main effect. The content with enzymatic ammonia of the cereal in legume food is more, should eat more a few, have favorable effect to be good at head.

Undertake contacting in cell of a nerve and another nerve cell, when passing information each other, need delivers medium one kind to communicate two nerve cell. This kind delivers medium is made by the amino acid that forms protein. Accordingly, often complement protein, it is the essential condition that keeps intellectual activity. In fish, flesh, pluck, milk and milk products, contain a large number of protein. To teenager children, often having head of a few pigs, ox head, sheep head is the shortcut that stimulative intelligence raises. Because the place in these food contains the proportion of amino acid, the amino acerbity scale with human cerebra is very adjacent, it is the optimal food of be good at head.

Protein also is one of bases of cerebral cell, occupy a head to weigh scale to be next to adipose, for 30 ~ 35 % . Protein is cerebral cell excitement and the main material base that control a process, and among them glutamic acid is having main effect to intelligent activity.

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