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Vitamin kind what to have to the intellectual growth of children main effect?

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Vitamin kind what to have to the intellectual growth of children main effect?
The scientist thinks, produce one of accounts with children unbalanced cerebra, it is the mother is pregnant initial stage lacks vitamin place to cause.

In all vitamins, the biggest to intellective influence is a vitamin B a group of things with common features, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin A and E. Of the person neurological to lacking vitamin B kind especially sensitive. If lack vitamin B1, can cause nerve cell decline, functional slacken. Accordingly, cannot let the child always eat rice of essence of life and flour of essence of life, and often should eat some of unpolished rice, corn to wait alleged " thick feed " , eat pork more even, vitamin B1 is contained in these food more. If lack vitamin B6, neurological function can be caused disorder, the child is met anorexia, be agitated, attention cannot be centered. Should let them take some of provision that contains yeast at this moment, wait like the steamed bread, also can have ham more, with compensatory vitamin B6. Vitamin C is the main component that nerve delivers medium, lack it, cerebrum is accepted ab extra stimulation, outward release jussive " circuit, can become not unobstructed, accordingly, the how many meeting of vitamin C affects intelligence quotient directly. The experiment proves, the wastage of vitamin C increases 50 % , intelligence quotient can increase 4 percent, so the child should have the fruit that contains a lot ofvitamin C and vegetable more more. As to vitamin D, it can make the reaction of nerve cell sharp, the person can become decisive with resource. Accordingly, want to have fish more, especially cod-liver oil. Vitamin A is synthesis is inspected amaranthine qualitative raw material. If lack vitamin A, the second birth that looks amaranthine white is slow and insecure, cause nyctalopia. Devoid vitamin still can cause eye ministry cornea and horn of conjunctiva epithelial tissue to change, tear is secreted decrease, cause disease of dry small hole. Vitamin A basically comes from animal liver, egg of cod-liver oil, roe, butter, birds. Vitamin E, to cerebrum, also have the effect that avoids cerebral cell consenescence, if lack, cerebral cell film is met necrotic, the person also can become slow-witted foolish. And compensatory vitamin the food of E basically is oil of animal liver, vegetable, and malt food, be like beer, maltose. Children 1 family education 1 cheeper 1 education

Wraparound rise, vitamin kind the action to intelligence, it is the energy that makes cerebrum turns food nutrition into intellectual activity. Without them, again good nutrition part also cannot bring up clever child.

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