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New student the choice of the bed and safety

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New student the bed is a new student main " activity " place, a piece of bed that has oneself is returned but as a child the good convention that nurturance sleeps alone, accordingly, choosing a piece of easy bed is very important.
New student the bed should compare adult bed a few smaller, but the length of the bed should satisfy children at least the head is used 3 years. The height of the bed should be it is with adult bed after shop go to bed is filled up on a plane or a bit a bit lower OK also, so that the mother sleeps on the bed to be able to see his darling, also facilitate at any time and place have look communication.
For the new student safe, of small bed all round should have crawl, the height of baluster should become certain proportion with the length of the bed, the height that small bed grows crawl more heals tall. Should have in the two sides of crawl but the activity is pulled up and down those who move " sliding door " , in order to go to the lavatory to the new student nurse. Of crawl " sliding door " should solid, absolutely security wants after shutting, in case children dropping bed. The baluster of crawl had better be cylindroid, each horn of small bed also should be round blunt form, lest touch,hurt a new student. The size between two baluster wants proper, in case new student card of head, hand, foot is in among baluster outside hair business.
New student the one side that the bed wants to put this world of hold office at court, stand by with bed photograph of the mother, but cannot stand by burner or radiator, lest scald. To avoid mosquito bite, mosquito-curtain can be hanged with fixed frame on small bed, must not build mosquito netting directly go up in small bed, lest mosquito netting drops,lag behind build in the new student facial, and outside sending the trade, choke. New student the bed often should change the position, can prevent a new student eye solid looks to a direction surely, have the possibility that produces strabismus for a long time.
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