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Precautionary children is fat

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Fat precaution- - strengthen campaign

Motion basically takes endurance sex campaign, if walk, canter, bicycle, swim, ball kind, gymnastic, dancing. Motion cannot acuteness, time can grow a few, in order to waste redundant energy, this kind of sports says " has oxygen motion " again. Athletic time is longer, in material of the sources of energy adipose employ more, also use up redundant saccharide at the same time, prevent its translate into is adipose, achieve the goal that reduce weight finally. Often attend canter, climb, the outdoors motion such as shadow boxing, can enhance a constitution already, make bodily form strong and handsome, can prevent fat happening again.

Fat precaution- - life rule

For precaution fat, the life rule with good nurturance is very be necessary. Reasonable dietary nutrition, every eat does not want too full, satisfied physiology need already, avoided energy reserve again; If Morpheus is overmuch, quantity of heat is used up little, also can cause fat, accordingly, the person of different age should be arranged and had adjusted oneself Morpheus time, want to satisfy physiology need already, cannot sleep more again. About at 45 o'clock human body releases early morning keep life activity energy more than any moment, no matter sexual distinction, age, it is such all the year round, but great majority person is right now in sleep, only as a result one part energy is used by airframe the activity that keeps heart, cerebra, hepatic, bowel and other organ, is not the job that is used at musculature. The redundant energy that releases is changed into adipose organization, go down so for a long time easy make body get fat. If get up at 56 o'clock in early morning,attend proper motion to take exercise, have profit greatly to fat prevention and cure.

Fat precaution- - improve knowledge

Know the fat disease harm to human body adequately, change " is fat it is blessing, the wrong idea of fat can macrobian " , understanding infant, adolescence, gestation, the turn of life, old age the knowledge of light put on weight reachs each age level preventive. Everything has a sign beforehand, in fat not apparent still when often can appear a few bodeful, if can raise vigilance, have can seasonable precaution. ① is easy tired: With go to already photograph comparing, close period of time comes easy feel fatigue, much activity a little while breathless, sweat shedding is full of, if it were not for suffers from on if what is ill, probable fat in come sadly. ② becomes lazy: The person of consistent diligent, become lazy rise, when anything crops up downhearted, or unable to do what one wants very much to do feeling, if nonexistent what disease, fat meet subsequently and come. ③ is corrupt sleep: Morpheus is particularly sweet, si classics sleeps return after enough time dozy, make also do not wake, or often drowse, two without the god, the about that ases if to often sleep not to wake, eliminating too fatigue circumstance to fall, probably fat be about to arrive. ④ is afraid of move: Like athletic person, become love to move no longer, feel attending athletic sports is a kind of burden or trouble even, unless exist ailment, traumatic, otherwise is fat " signal " . ⑤ loves to eat: Appetite soars, and often do not rest in the mouth, should not suffer from thyroid function hyperfunction only disease, diabetic the disease that waits for appetite to increase, adumbrative move is fat will following sb's heels and come. ⑥ is fond of drink: Water burns adiposely inside can cloggy body, increase to store adiposely, in case is special love to water, diabetes insipidus of if it were not for, diabetic, also can make person put on weight.