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The identifying that the baby catchs a cold and note

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Infantile cold identifies
The cold shows the upper respiratory tract is affected commonly, include the larynx above such as rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tympanitis, nose Dou Yan the infection of place. To a bit bigger child, can have 4 ~ every year 6 times such infection. The temperature that wants the child only does not exceed 38.5 ℃ , do not need the processing with special what, the attention rests, feed water more, the dot gives my son to disease ground when cough relieve a cough syrup went. But to little baby, even if cold also is dangerous. Beginning a possibility is nose is blocked up a bit merely, vent one's anger a bit thick, if do not add an attention, can appear very quickly breath is difficult, tracheitis, pneumonic, constitute menace to life even.

The pathogeny that the baby catchs a cold and cure
Infantile cold is very common indisposition, but won't do is the least bit and careless, if cure is not seasonable, perhaps treat undeserved, often can cause lots and lots of complication, common Dou Yan having bazoo, stomatitis, laryngitis, tympanitis and lymph node are phlogistic. Also can cause pharynx rear wall abscess, tracheitis is reached all round abscess, tonsil pneumonic etc. Sometimes children cold still can pass blood to be sowed circularly medicinal powder at the whole body, cause the serious illness such as septicemia, pyothorax, meningitis to endanger life. In addition, still can cause immunity disease, wait for a disease like nephritis of damp and hot of heart myositis, wind, acute.

Say so, when infantile happening catchs a cold, of parenthood must do good family to nurse according to doctor's advice. Infantile cold family nurses one important is to should make the child sufficient rest, ill the age is smaller, the more need rests, the ability after waiting for a symptom to disappear frees an activity. It is to take drug on time secondly. most cold, as a result of,majority is virus be caused by, antibacterial content is invalid, especially inchoate virus infection, antibiotic not only invalid, abusive antibiotic can cause airframe bacterium instead group maladjusted, advantageous bacteria is progenitive, aggravating illness. Take " 100 take to instruct " can better land removes the cold causes calorific, n&v snuffle, cough to wait unwell, avoid complication happening, as soon as possible recovers. Thirdly, infantile cold is calorific period, answer to differ according to child appetite and digestible energy force, give fluidity or noodle respectively, the food such as gruel. Nursed child should reduce a number temporarily, lest produce the dyspeptic symptom such as vomiting and diarrhoea. Its 4, the bedroom is quiet, air is fresh, ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade, temperature appropriate is constant, not too tall, or too too low, wet, when having laryngitis symptom, should notice more, such ability let a little patient recover early. If give out heat,do not retreat continuously, when perhaps producing complication, should go to a hospital in time make a diagnosis and give treatment, lest produce an accident.