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Throw a thing in disorder " bad " darling

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Spruce spruce be less than 10 months, latter and special piquant. Sit on mensal chair every time, satiate meal, the thing that goes up along with handgrip desk is thrown, bowl, ladle, fruit, toy, do not stay euqally, throw at the same time laugh happily at the same time, when be thrown, do not arrive quite, begin again wow wow cry greatly. Mom sees she cries, say to her: "Darling, mom helps you collect come back, but cannot throw again. " wait for mom to collect the toy come back, hand she, she is thrown again immediately, let mom very have a headache. Sometimes mom rebukes she: "Must not throw, throw again hit wind. " but she ability no matter that one, remain as before. It is strange to can't help in mom heart, why does darling always love to throw a thing?

Actually darling is very clever, you see her can play more ah, herself invented a game -- cast. Throwing a thing is not darling is destroyed intentionally, also not be to want intentionally to enrage mom, however darling is playing. Throw the ground when different thing, give out different sound, boil again fall to a place that cannot foretell, darling feels absorbing, this kind plays the normal need that the law is development of its body and mind.

Darling grew due month age, eye of his head, muscle, hand is harmonious have very great progress, darling is in subconscious in think out to behave these, have a kind of meaning that should prove him ability, through throwing a thing, the hand eye of darling coordinates ability to get significant progress, to inspecting, listen, touch, the muscle of the body has stimulative effect, very important also to cerebral development, on one hand the head dominates the action that begin, the movement of the hand forms stimulation to cranial nerve again.

Pass additionally throw a thing, strengthened darling to be opposite the understanding that concerns between the thing, wraparound, to self-awareness budding also rose to promote action. Will tell from the angle that throws a thing, increased a lot of troubles to father mother really, in light of the angle of Dan Congbao treasure, darling is in actually will learn through game. Through throwing a thing, darling still can realise, not be the thing that is not before vanished, just was to change a position, abstruse " material is eternal " principle, not be must when go learning on classroom, let him realise as a child however.

Saw the advantage of above, do not want reprimand darling chaos to throw a thing. But bother to decrease, the parent recalls a few strategy even, cope with this clever rogue.

1. Give darling the toy of not easy attaint. Toy of cloth with soft nap of a few wool, balata makes toy, plastic toy, damage not easily commonly, can go up in the bed to darling, on the floor, the preparation on mensal chair a few, let darling play to the top of one's bent.

2. Do not give darling food. After darling is satiate, the rice bowl that is about to get on table puts away, food is taken away, cannot nurturance throws alimental habit. Come food is thrown to the ground bad to clear away, 2 coming also is wasteful to food.