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Ablactation the dietary point of darling

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What say here ablactationing is to point to mother milk. 10 mix food and drink to what the food of darling will transfer basically already to be given priority to to the flesh, egg, grandma, commissariat, vegetable in December, the situation of a day of 3 eat is had first. Obtain the enough nutrition of body development for darling, should break a mother to breed to darling. Nevertheless, grandma kind still be one of baby food main component, should assure to absorb milk everyday 500 milliliter above. Mother milk can be decreased for every night, till dead stop, acting with milk.

The food that right now darling can eat already a lot of, but as a result of molar had not grown, cannot chew food very finely, so the meal of darling still should be done softly a few soddener, with benefit Yu Baobao is digested absorb. Staple food can eat congee, soft meal, noodle, steamed bread, steamed stuffed bun, dumpling, wonton to wait. Non-staple food can eat fresh vegetable (especially orange green is vegetable) , fish, flesh, egg, pluck and bean products, still answer to often take the sea product such as a few kelp, laver. Anyhow, after ablactationing completely, darling should contain carbohydrate, adipose, protein, vitamin, inorganic salt and water in daily diet this 6 big nutriment, avoid dietary simplification, reasonable collocation just can satisfy a variety of food darling grows the need of development. Right now even special attention develops the dietary habit with good darling, avoid nurturance to carry feed, partiality for a particular kind of food and the habit that love snack.

Some darling because love,can not agree to accept milk temporarily, need gets used to a process to him, mother milk and milk mix feed for some time, let him accept milk and other edibles stage by stage, thereby broken mother milk. Should notice this kind of darling ablactations at the same time period nutrition is compensatory, prevent to darling is suckled because of stopping a mother and affect darling health.

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