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Infant hair grows reach common problem

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Although the hair often is compared to be " 3000 trouble silk " , but if there is sparse hair only on the top of head, also make a person very vexed however. In pa Mom eye, from wife and children any body features of baby, behavior behaves is them very the thing of care, look at little baby especially the watermelon skin of that naked, or grow east one gather, on the west one clump, some place slant not to grow hair, or cannot grow the cerebella bag of a few root hair thin, in in make pa Mom be troubled Yu Huai.

The formation of the hair

To the problem of the hair, want those who understand a hair to fashion a process above all. Lin Xuanpei of director of division of heredity of children of hospital of equestrian in the company of expresses, hair is by wool bursa place arises, and the important member that wool bursa is skin organization, form be closely bound up with cutaneous. The most initiative wool bursa matrix at embryonic development 3 months appear in epithelial layer, just began to see at palpebral, eyebrow ministry, chin reachs the place such as nose only, ability appears in the place such as back, abdomen and limb gradually later. The second hair with be more mature grows with each passing day in the meantime matrix of sexual wool bursa, and had periodic the phenomenon that grow. Right now wool bursa cell already cortex of bury Yu Zhen, begin to form soft fine hair, sebaceous glands, flesh establishing wool reachs hemal clump to wait to also depend on come over, formed a wholer hair structure, the hair also began to appear in this moment of course.

Arrived embryonic before 7 months are big, do the hair of build skin place, besides afterbrain spoon, all is in fast growth period, the hair of rear place is in the head relatively slower the condition that grow.

The head happening of darling grows a process

New student the growth phase of hair can pass foetal hair, fluff, final ability joint performance grows permanent hair, time speed is differ. Generally speaking, fetal when 4 months inside the mother's body are big chairman gives foetal hair. After mature is born, every new student experienced at least one times (the head is hind) reach twice (central ministry) hair nature falls off, grew new hair. After half years old, the growth of the hair entered another phase again, molt of meeting be born out of, grow permanent hair, the head happening that began stability is long periodic. Some babies are inside the mother's body, foetal hair can fall off slowly; If foetal hair falls off less, the hair of the baby when be born can appear more.

The head happening of darling is long, it is normally part from forehead skull coping only then, each area hair grows speed is differ, because this often lets a person,feel few and far between. Folk is consuetudinary and rife, be born in cheeper shave of brow total number reachs the hair to drop when a month completely can make these wool bursa be stimulated, get with respect to chairman thick close, this idea is not quite actually right. Be born 2, 3 months, the growth of the hair still is in logy phase, the parent does not need actually too too nervous. After be born normally half an year is controlled, the hair can grow in succession gradually; Be like more than one year and the hair still has no the evidence that grow, need to ask a doctor.