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How to raise children intelligence quotient

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Everybody thinks his child is a few more intelligent, can how ability is like wish? Experts hint, the child with most high intelligence quotient has the following characteristic:
  is far the child of consanguineous intermarriage
  has a data to show, average intelligence quotient is the child that parents all is native 102.45, parents is provincial different ground person average intelligence quotient 106.17, and lie between a province to marry the intelligence quotient of an unripe children is as high as 109.35. Intermarriage of clew different ground can raise the intelligence quotient level of next generation.
The child that   evening bears
A sampling result makes clear   , what the mother gives birth to children before in 23 years old average intelligence quotient is 103, and 24-28 year old the person that this paragraph of time is borne is as high as 109, but bear too late (after 29 years old) children under 105. Acquaintance expert recommends 24-29 year old those who be Yo age woman is optimal bear period. As to the man, 30 years old or so it is actor when father.
  has the child with mother grown milk
The home is opposite dietetics of university of Cambridge of   England 300 7-8 year old children did intelligence quotient test, contrast with cookbook photograph of the baby, the children intelligence quotient that discovers breast having a parent is grown is general taller, compare what milkings having generation is brought up on average to be the same as age tower above 10 minutes. The analysis makes clear, a variety of active material that can promote children growth are contained in mother milk, especially acid of sulphur of ox of among them important matter wants tower above than milk of 10 times.
The child of moderate of   weight
  will exceed normal weight about the expert of 20 % fat with with age normal compare. Discover the its vision, hearing, ability that accepts knowledge all is in low-level condition. The expert's explanation is, fat have many and adipose enter a head inside, hampered nerve fiber hyperplasia and channel are answered form.
  insists to have the child of good breakfast
Doctor of psychology of Si Wangxi university of   United States wears Wei Bendu to emphasize the principal port of breakfast particularly. His investigation data shows, the student that tall difficulty takes an exam joins after having breakfast, its must show excel clearly those hollow reference person. This is the composition of be good at head such as cent of the protein that absorbs because of breakfast, candy, vitamin, microelement, than other the utilization rate of two eat is high.
  is diligent the child at the activity
Button of Bei Luji institute of   United States alls alone a research that helps a doctor discovers, every insists to last 20 minutes every time ran, strong and handsome held student, its study result apparent excel those are lazy at vivid mover. He emphasizes, take exercise can make cerebrum is in be about to move or loosen condition at first, imagination can come out from the in manacling disengagement of all sorts of thinking, become more alert and resourceful, more abound creativity.
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