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Close the balcony is adverse and healthy

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As the ceaseless grow in quantity of income, more and more person occupy standardize the residence, these residences are in a bedroom mostly or sitting room peripheral has the balcony, some still is in kitchen peripheral a balcony, make the person can be in a bedroom personally and happy enjoy sunshine. However, when a lot of families are undertaking decorating, from safety and capacious consider, seal the balcony however rise.

Apparently look, the stage that seal this world enlarged a building practical area, be helpful for holding off dust and contamination to enter indoor, still can have effect of guard against theft even. Actually, try to save a little but lose a lot of this kind of practice, very adverse to health.

It is, the balcony is sealed, make indoor air keeps fresh hard, indoor and ventilated undesirable, make the content of oxygen drops; And, sweat of breath of family of room internal cause, cough, platoon cause human body oneself to pollute, together with furnace is provided, cooking, water heater can send out a lot of and harmful material, after the balcony is sealed, indoor airiness not beautiful, long be placed in the middle makes the person appears easily the symptom such as disgusting, giddy, exhaustion.

2 be, the stage that seal this world reduced indoor sunshine illuminate, can cause an infant to grow development is undesirable and appear rachitic. The ultraviolet ray in sunshine still can reduce the density of the indoor bacteria that cause disease. It is OK also that healthy person enjoys sunshine hearten spirit.

So, the balcony still is not sealed had better. But, the balcony is OK and proper beautification. Be like kind of flower and greenery not only can beautification bedroom, and be helpful for air pure and fresh and reduce pollution.

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