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Harm of tooth of the get rid of after the meal is much

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A lot of people have a kind of such habits, play knife and fork later, took a toothpick, between slit between the teeth here get rid of, draw out over there, very carefree and content. Little imagine, this kind of bad habit can cause the harm of different level to the tooth.

The means of tooth of get rid of that is a mistake or everyday tooth of without reason random get rid of, slit between the teeth can jump over get rid of bigger, still can injure gum, instead the action of tooth of short of protection.

2 it is disinfection lax toothpick is easy cause a disease. The accessary various bacteria on the toothpick of capture holding the post of a person, virus can enter human body through toothpick inside. Coordinate according to disappear check make clear, at present the toothpick on the market is more " 3 without the product " , do not have wholesome licence at all date, toothpick is packed and disinfect also short of requirement, some in putting dish in, everybody conveniently is taken with, ever assay makes clear, on a small toothpick unexpectedly " hide " move tens of thousands of bacterium.

3 if toothpick is used,be undeserved, will cause tooth week disease. Tooth of without phenomenon of tooth of a place of strategic importance random get rid of, or toothpick is used undeserved, cause tooth gingivitis, gum extremely easily atrophic and cause tooth week disease, must not control toothpick area of the tit between the tooth forcibly, because such meetings make,originally the dental clearance without clearance increases cause periodontosis.

Actually, the method of best dental health care after the meal is brush one's teeth or gargle, can keep clear of already food is residual, can clean oral cavity.

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