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The hand that does not cross fingernail oil with besmear takes food

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Care in everybody and undertake hairdressing today, more and more females besides care face, still begin to be fond of fingernail hairdressing. But be in beauty annulus beauty the fingernail backside of Huan, are there a few healthy hidden troubles can you know?

Hidden trouble 1: fingernail surface file thin, leave ill left-hand seat easily

Hold a post Miss Huang of director of client of firm of some public relations likes to stick emulation fingernail. The method that sticks emulation fingernail is, beautiful shell division can use file of surface layer of fingernail of professional file hilt first thin, reoccupy glue sticks the emulation fingernail that contains beautiful design on fingernail, make finger looks more slender thereby. Miss Huang discovers very quickly: Fingernail before long with respect to thickening, can ceaseless file is thin; Fingernail color becomes grey, can pass thick fingernail oil to mask only. Gradually, red suppurate begins all round the fingernail of Miss Huang.

"This kind of practice cannot be taken completely, " Ceng Renshan of director of dermatological department of hospital of the first people says Guangzhou town: "Fingernail itself is a whole structure, fingernail surface file thin, opened a door undoubtedly, let microbial wanton encroach! Let microbial wanton encroach!!

Hidden trouble 2: Appliance is short of disinfection, easy across is affected

Since grind thin fingernail easy catch a disease, so, just go die the simple Xiu Jia such as oil of fingernail of besmear of skin, besmear, not due what infects hidden trouble? Many people think so.

Go to the beauty personally armour inn, discover beautiful shell division lacks professional knowledge generally, did not discern carefully whether does the client contract the contagious disease such as ringworm of the nails, ju Meijia tool immerses with hot water only, use to a client again. The reporter asks a beautiful shell division, such doing be afraid that across is affected? Gotten explanation is, beautiful shell does not enter the mouth, 2 do not see blood, it is won't pestiferous. For this, reporter to Zhongshan university accessary Lai Wei of director of dermatological department of the 3rd hospital seeks testimony, gotten result is, although do not have cut, same possible also across is affected! The fingernail of pathological changes is like the storehouse that is the same as a fungus, bacterium of ceaseless and outward dispersed cause of disease. Every has contacted the article of patient fingernail to contact others again, catch fungus disease extremely likely to next person.

Two experts all express Lai Wei and Ceng Renshan, beautiful shell tool must pass strict disinfection, otherwise, the probability that causes fungus across infection is very high. Ceng Renshan points out, be being disinfected with hot water or alcohol only can't kill fungus, lai Wei suggests use blaze disinfects law or law of high-pressured vapour sterilization. If the person that like beautiful shell is conditional, best oneself provide tool of an appropriative beautiful shell.