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Spermatozoon can live inside female uterus after all how long

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Somebody asks: Ask... more bashful problem, namely... can after is spermatozoon shot, you be in how long does female uterus memory live? The book some on market says 3 days, some saying that can be as long as 10 days, make me bemused unceasingly...

This problem is like a person to be able to survive below harsh without alimental environment how long same, average person is boiled a few days maintain no less than going to, but also endurance exceeds strong person to be able to open a few weeks. Spermatozoon can be average in female reproduction path survive 3 days or so, but also research shows some females are in the last sexual behavior still can discover vivid dynamic sperm inside the uterus after 7 days.

Comment on: because such, do not encourage so with safety period uses contraceptive, because if come up against,exceed fast sperm, this law can fail probably. This problem schoolgirl should understand, what you show the girl that come is bashful, understandable!

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