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6 healthy common sense that the female has to know

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The expert reminds broad female friend, the following healthy common sense have to know:

One, eat too much milk products to may cause ovarian cancer

2006, " international cancer magazine " published Sweden a newest research. This research thinks: The female eats too much milk products to may cause ovarian cancer. Researcher discovers female meet with has milk of ovarian cancer and complete fat milk products, low fat and milk sugar existence is contacted apparently between tall intake. They think, research result " go up in certain level " supported the point of view that absorbs milk products to be able to cause ovarian cancer too much.

2, the female drinks milk may ecbolic acne

Many young girls are the whelk that grows on him face to be anxious, a new research discovers, more or less is the odds of long acne concerned with what drink milk everyday. Researcher says, drink two cups of above everyday the female of defatted milk, the odds of face minister acne wants tower above ordinary person 44% . If not bureau be confined to is defatted milk, want to drink 3 cups of above everyday only, the possibility that has acne can rise 22% .

3, eat an egg to make a female short-lived everyday

In the daily life of a lot of people, the egg is indispensable food. But research of more than 10 years discovers Japanese expert, to many females, eat an egg to have caustic health however everyday, bring deadly hidden trouble possibly even. Because yoke is medium cholesterol content is very high, adverse to health, the woman that the likelihood compares the woman that has an above egg everyday to eat 9 eggs every week is short-lived. Have healthy body, creation belongs to his beautiful sky.

4, female late childbirth is more macrobian

The newest research of British scientist discovers, age just bears filial woman greatly quite, muscle, skeletal or neurological because of this benefit. After the turn of life is delayed, these women come not only, meet with suffers from the odds of senile and gawkish disease to reduce, and more macrobian. Of course, also many doctors think, production of senile lying-in woman is put in fact have many risks.

5, the female has a headache more easily

In Feburary 2006, british medicine home is newest the positive result of a research that announce shows: The female contracts above painful disease more easily than the male.

In 9 years of in the past, the group of a research that comes from London king institute connects the discovery after case of illness undertakes investigating to 253 general, the case of illness of 6.4% has a headache for the female, and the case of illness that the male has a headache is 2.5% , this means a female to suffer from have a headache 3 times ill odds is the male about. Normally, headachy reason includes the food such as pressure, incorrect pose, dazzling sunshine and cheese and red wine.