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13 kinds of simple methods let husband and wife more conjugal love

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Expert introduction, should let husband and wife more conjugal love is not difficult. Recommended the following kinds of simple methods, might as well try.

1, often recollect be passionately in love: Be passionately in love is marital bellwether, the men and women in be passionately in love, the scene that supple, moment leaves the sort of two feeling hard, it is very wonderful really. After marrying, often recall the scene of be passionately in love before marriage, the emotion that can evoke husband and wife is resonant, increase romantic affection in memory, more yearning future, thereby feeling of promotional husband and wife.

2, arrange once more " honeymoon " : The honeymoon when marrying, it is husband and wife the period with two the strongest feeling. In those days, two people cast all confusion, enter the love scope of operation of sweet candy of be better than completely, enjoy " Eden " happy. After marriage, if can use holiday, arrange time every year to differ " honeymoon " , buddha different ground travels, give somebody a new lease on life the love one's own little world of two people, review in former days fond dream, will surely lift billows love a river ceaselessly, make feeling of husband and wife stronger and stronger.

3, congratulatory souvenir festival: The birthday of wedding anniversary, the other side, fete that decide affection is waited a moment, it is both sides of husband and wife the important time on love history. At the appointed time, take proper form, give souvenir, make both sides feels the other side has very deep love to oneself, this to consolidating effect of feeling of husband and wife is very big.

4, compensate erst affection debt: When many couples get married, as a result of the condition place is restricted, fail to adopt good form to sign up for the love of the other side back and forth, if fail to have honeymoon, fail to buy a decent gift to wait a moment to the sweetheart. A certain number of after year, when the condition is had, writing down finish these did not use up matters concerned at the outset, the favour that owed in order to repay in the past debt, can make the other side feels you are a very serious situation, , amorous person, the passion that loves you is met times add, if the sweetheart gives the jewelry that buy gold after many male comrade marriage, a lot of already passed and stand year the couple fills pat marry colour is illuminated etc.

5, institutional please sweetheart: Some men and womens, when dating with the other side before marriage, always want the other side of please of try every means, but the other side is cared about to be experienced to his no longer after marrying. This kind of practice is emotive of meeting injury husband and wife. So, after marriage, female comrade even as always tenderness is refined, caress a care to the husband; And male comrade answers the heart of attentive appreciate wife is experienced, not only should show consideration for care wife everywhere, and the skill that learns wife of a few please even, if make her buy the tall ginseng of dress, help her make hairdressing plan, often will nod humour to wait a moment.