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Smoke for long can cause cervical vertebra disease

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In actual life, a lot of people think smoking just can cause respiratory system disease or the disease such as tumor, little imagine smoking also is one of main reasons that cause cervical vertebra disease.

Long smoking, can exciting rachis is hemal after absorbing a large number of nicotine, make its produce systole to cause blood stream obstacle to cause cervical tissue loss thereby. The change that if change plus air temperature,pressure of bigger, excessive exhaustion, spirit passes to wait for an element to may cause function of body internal system, nerve adjustment and immune system greatly brings about a cell to organize metabolization thereby unusual, cervical tissue produces a change like hemal, ligament, appear cervical acid bilges, aching, inflexible, activity suffers be restricted to wait for a symptom, some returns meeting expression to be upper limbs hemp faintness of painful, giddy, disgusting, tinnitus, eyesight, bosom is frowsty wait for the expression that looks like heart disease, make cervical vertebra ill acute breaks out.

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