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Visit a patient to should be mixed the thing that ought not to do

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One, the thing that the person that visit the sick should do

① first ascertain patient shows besides, make an appointment with time to go again. Ask family member or the friend that had gone to a hospital or work in the same placing, what the patient gets is what disease, current condition how, restrict a time of seek by inquiry with patient or family member next. If the illness does not allow, although arrived outside ward door, should not disturb. Can ask medical personnel to convey a greeting, or write piece of card to present one's compliment.

② comes already, install, act according to circumstance. The hospital suggests visit the sick time length is commonly 10 - 30 minutes, the period of time that allows in the hospital goes visitting, although wait for 10 minutes only, also should drop the thing on the hand, shut a mobile phone or turn into oscillatory mode, lest patient is frightened by the ring of arise suddenly jump. Enter ward to should sit as soon as possible, the patient that lets lying need not look up at caller. The patient's illness and mood are changing constantly, accordingly, be considerate thinks, if you are him, what to need now, act according to circumstance.

③ patient is leading role, the person that visit the sick should serious listen respectfully. See what the patient should say, often be the person that visit the sick very anxiety, because do not know what to should tell, be afraid that the patient does not have interest at all to conversational content. Chat with the patient actually, without established regulation but abide, can give priority to horn with the patient only, straight-out photograph is waited for, might as well the topic that asks the patient is interested directly. If the patient does not want to talk, not loath also, static sit quietly is on the side, grasping him when necessary (she) hand. Sometimes, an eyes, embrace, surpass thousands of words.

④ asks a patient: "What is there can I help you? ' the thing of the fatigue that looking in us sometimes is raise one's hand, disadvantageous to the action patient may be timely rain. Somebody helps him arrive to buy the bit of every day object, paper that take a share downstairs, it is the closest day travel one be apt to. Accordingly, want to convey a care or give bit of power, ask patient or family member cordially directly: "What can I do have? " it is the honestest.

2, the thing that the person that visit the sick ought not to do

The time of ① mistake, wrong way shows body ward. The operation was mixed that day lie between a day, the patient needs to rest, cannot seek by inquiry. Some caller are afraid that the patient does not know he comes visit passes, have to wakes asleep patient up, perhaps stand far talk with the patient, honest not courteous.