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Object of difficulty of obtain employment of 10 measure assistance promotes yell

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Since this year, yellow hill municipal government mixes the obtain employment that solves object of obtain employment difficulty be badly off the problem serves as obtain employment again the key that obtain employment works, bring into responsibility of target of various government sector to examine a system. Through making policy, strengthen contact, aggrandizement to groom, offer the method such as the service to guide actively, again obtain employment policy fulfils body of object of difficulty of each obtain employment to go up, the effect body the job offers honest obtain employment post to go up now. Find a place for through holding a bottom in the palm, ensure difficult object should not carry every obtain employment to be not chosen only, realize the opportunity of obtain employment once, assure town " family of 0 obtain employment " at least 1 person realizes obtain employment. End by May, whole town already had object of difficulty of 1611 obtain employment to realize obtain employment again obtain employment.

Obtain employment of aid of doorknob of ministry of safeguard of this town work and encourage those who do poineering work to help object of obtain employment difficulty up to work as the side to cut a point, difficult to the obtain employment that maintains via approval inside area under administration object extends " obtain employment aid contacts check " , execute community to register build archives, trends manages and dog service. Introduce through aggrandizement vocational guidance, profession, again obtain employment grooms, favourable policy gives aid to wait for a method, take step of 10 concrete help, the boy or girl friend of obtain employment difficulty that the help has obtain employment ability and obtain employment desire raises obtain employment skill and idea of change choose course of study, effect of stimulative obtain employment is apparent. It is policy advisory aid, in communal obtain employment labor of service orgnaization, street, community ensures working platform, object of obtain employment difficulty can get concerned obtain employment freely again the propagandist data of obtain employment policy. 2 it is vocational guidance aid, object of obtain employment difficulty serves orgnaization to apply for a job in communal obtain employment, can enjoy service of free vocational guidance. 3 it is assistance of obtain employment information, enjoy the service of news of free obtain employment that provides about the branch; 4 it is aid of obtain employment post, development of orgnaization of service of communal obtain employment, street, community or collection obtain employment station are first find a place for personnel of obtain employment difficulty; 5 it is skill grooms aid, the free technical ability that provides above for the member that obtain employment strands difficult grooms opportunity; 6 it is aid of professional skill appraisal, to passing the first time the object of obtain employment difficulty that skill appraisal obtains professional qualification letter, offer appraisal of one-time profession skill subsidy; 7 it is poineering service assistance, to having poineering ability and the personnel of obtain employment difficulty of poineering desire, offer do poineering work freely groom, start business is directive, small assure loan, dog give aid to etc " one continuous line " service; 8 it is aid of representative of labor safeguard general affairs, the member that obtain employment strands difficult entrusts labor to ensure general affairs to act as agent, the representative serves charge halve; 9 it is the knot supports aid to the side, enjoy concerned branch organization to begin " man-to-man " the knot supports aid to the side; 10 it is aid of social security allowance, society of the continue after realizing flexible obtain employment is sure to concern, the social security subsidy that can enjoy by a definite date 3 years. (Wang Zhanchen of Zhou Chuanxiang)