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9 kinds of confinement nurse means is adverse to puerpera and darling

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9 kinds of confinement nurse means is adverse to puerpera and darling!  

Postpartum nurse, healthy to restoring a puerpera, infantile health grows is very important, but some families accept a few unscientific folk arguments, made a lot of contraindication to the puerpera, this is wrong, it is unscientific. The following wrong at 9 o'clock, the hope does not happen in wanting contemporary family.
One, eat an egg more: Overmuch edible egg can affect other alimental to absorb, cause nutrition onefold. Eat everyday commonly 4, 5 chicken are advisable.
2, avoid certain food: Namely the food that if flesh of piscine shrimp flocks and herds and other fishy smell are heavier,avoid eats, go against galactic exudation.
3, the course that the puerpera takes puts salt less: Actually the puerpera produces rear body weak, perspire much, mammary gland is secreted exuberant, form content is short of water and salinity easily, complement appropriately.
4, the time of lie in bed is longer more advantageous to the body: Actually otherwise, the puerpera is in postpartum 24 hour or sit up can go up in the bed after 48 hours, the 3rd, 4 days can get out of bed activity. Time grows to affect the refreshment of puerpera body instead too.
5, shampoo of the ability after full moon bathes, brush one's teeth: This is extremely wrong, because perspire in great quantities when puerpera childbirth, add lochia and secrete galacticly ceaselessly, the body is lighter dirty, pathogen is invaded easily. Actually, postpartum 3 days two can wash shower, suffer bacterial infection so not easily. Postpartum 8-10 day can use hot water shampoo. Postpartum should brush a tooth early, late each.
6, lock of indoor door window, not ventilated: This makes puerpera, baby contracts respiratory tract infection easily; Heatstroke, dizziness still can be caused in summer.
7, drink soup not to eat the meat only: Postpartum should feed soup of some of chicken broth, fish, chop soup to wait more, breed at secrete with benefit. But the flesh also should eat, fleshy nutrition is richer.
8, postpartum one day just opens a grandma after a few days even: Actually postpartum and OK begin lactation instantly.
9, full moon can regain sexual life: Be in commonly postpartum 6-8 Zhou Fang is recoverable sexual life.
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