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"Confinement " how should do

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"Confinement " how should do?

Press the Chinese's tradition, "Confined " it is an important matter.  
The age is in now 23 - 27 years old between already pregnant person and be in confined female, they accept newly emerging things faster, fitness is better, undertake postpartum rehabilitation can more scientificly according to the doctor's proposal. Among them some of female did not sit full confinement already went out ambulated.
Birth age is in 29 - traditions of 33 years old of female much comply with between are used to. The age that they think they give birth to the child slants big, confined affirmation should be paid attention to maintain, if fall,next disease can be all one's life painful.
Some places appear in ground of the for no reason on food a lot of contraindication come: Cannot eat cold (fruit) , cannot eat vegetable (advocate do not have nutrition to ate) . A lot of puerperas lay particular stress on eats high protein (the flesh kind, milk) , high-energy quantity (chicken, fish, egg, flesh, columbine, soft-shelled turtle) , days they are whole not do up one's hair not shampoo does not brush their teeth not to bathe, have to crossed ground of dirt of 40 talents all over the body to walk out of a door. Actually these viewpoints very biased.
Foreign puerpera gets out of bed after 24 hours commonly activity. Normal childbirth (divide Caesarean birth) the physiology process that is a things will be easily settled when conditions are O.K. , is not pathology process. Should encourage a puerpera to get out of bed at an early date activity, such ability are helpful for the body restoring quickly. Want to have enough sleep, the attention rests, want to eat high protein food, fresh vegetable, fruit more. Maintain spirit happy, avoid undesirable mental stimulation. Should notice to adjust cold lukewarm, prevent cold damp and hot to invade, notice clean sanitation, diligent bathe, change the clothes frequently by. Will treat with scientific manner " confined. "
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