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Postpartum and wholesome

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Postpartum and wholesome

What the puerpera experienced the hardship of pregnant period and childbirth is high-strung ought to notice sufficient rest and rich nutrition. Just had given birth to a child, the puerpera can feel break like that relaxed, at the same time very tired also, congratulate sb on a happy occasion and visit person do not be in please disturb right now. The puerpera's bedroom, should keep clean quiet, warmth is comfortable. Postpartum much sweat, pore is stretched, catch a cold easily, want to notice escape a place with a draught. But lock of the window that be like the door, be illogical all day wind, air is foul, cause disease easily also. If be in burning hot summer, if wrap quilt closely, may suffer heatstroke! Cleanness is compared at ordinary times more important. Before lactation, after relieve oneself, must wash his hands with soap. After go to the toilet, use clean toilet paper to wipe, want to was brushed backward once upon a time. Vulva washs L-2 with warm boiled water everyday second, sewage should avoid to shed person vagina when washing. Inside postpartum 6-8 Zhou Zhi or lochia is not clean, do not want of the same branch of a family, and tub of avoid by all means. Want to notice the breast is wholesome, the tit has gap, should stop sucking, besmear the vegetable cooking oil with bismuth agent, benzoic acerbity Ding or get over, prevent mastitis.
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