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Groom analyse of workpoint of the member that should undertake first

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Quality structure is to make company technical ability groom the basic jumping-off place of plan. Employee quality structure includes the following fields roughly: Structure of limits of authority of structure of intellectual structure, structure of occupation, sexual distinction, age structure, branch structure, post structure, government and disposition structure.

Intellectual structure: To the analysis of employee knowledge structure, it is to be made well and truly groom use resource plan, effectively, make groom thereby obtain the biggest economic benefits. Undertake an analysis to structure of company staff knowledge, want to undertake from tripartite face:

1 . Culture teachs a level. School of doctor, Master, double bachelor, bachelor, three-year institution of higher learning, technical secondary school, ability is waited a moment, from these respects the analysis can groom certainly content.

2. Professional education grooms. Socially all sorts of grooming the class is very much, before a lot of employee enter a company, once had accepted all sorts of profession education to groom, making these content cannot be ignored when grooming to employee, groom also cannot " one knife is cut " .  

3. Special and short-term groom. Carry investigation, understand what employee to once had been accepted special groom. Can work 10 years in a company at present the employee of above is less, so, will to the company be in other company to whether had been accepted before special groom, this are eye forefathers force in resource management almost a of oversight big question, and stuff also is not willing to show this issue, it is especially in middle-level management cadre and business backbone, scale of amount of this kind of employee is average not under 10 % , accordingly, making groom plan when, must give enough attention to this problem.  

Structure of occupation: Want to notice to discover not hard a little only, a lot of employee that work in the company are not to be engaged in his working professionally originally. Should make groom plan, must be opposite the employee in the company, be opposite as follows in managing cadre and business backbone especially problem know sth like the palm of one's hand: Have how many person this major that is engaged in oneself, having how many person is " become a monk late in life " , have how many person the major that is engaged in at present to oneself feels more satisfactory, general satisfaction or be indifferent to. Manage cadre and business backbone to undertake grooming in the light of enterprise middle-level especially, want to get the data of the following respects: How many cadre is there be engaged in and the job of him major speak or sing alternately? The job of the professional and incorrect opening that how many cadre is pursueing move and him is there? The job that how many cadre is pursueing him liking to work is there? The job that how many cadre is pursueing him liking to work is there? How many cadre thinks he is necessary to relieve guard just greater ability produces margin?