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Shake powerful group: The administrative philosophy of new generation

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Limited company of shake powerful group leaves development foundation stone by establish of Dr. Jiang Zhen, at this late hour, the group already marched toward 50 years. Besides hold to old faith -- “ guest place wants, it is the ” that we should do, the administrative pattern of new generation also guides a group to enter another phase, the Jiang Liwan that holds trustee and CEO concurrently personally and author shared her administrative experience.

Limited company of shake powerful group is strong at will release outstanding achievement of 2003/04 year annual in July, up to till March 31, 2004, turnover than going up year grows 14% , amount to 1.634 billion HK dollar. Face SARS brought the market low tide that send last year, and steely price is cruel litre wait for negative factor, the gain of the group still maintains growth, besides quality of its production efficiency, employee, believe shake male Wu Guo goes 40 manage for years in the center have a distinctive administrative philosophy surely.

Successful element

To the outstanding achievement that obtains at the group, the Jiang Liwan that just will take up the post of CEO of shake powerful group this year in April expresses, enterprise itself already had the platform with perfect development, they wait through research and development, market and product fixed position, will existing system is changed soundly; And the spirit of work with perseverance of Dr. Jiang Zhen, and the fund of charity of Jiang shake industry that he establishs, become a kind of motive power, your employee not only work for individual, company, also make contribution for the society.

The effort that Jiang Liwan gives more than 10 years in the enterprise, also be the main factor that shake hero progresses ceaselessly. Her modest says he does not calculate on successful, just endeavor to accomplish best, I think “ the most fundamental condition is his devoted, serious work manner. ” she at joined a group 1988, different post has been held the position of in the branch such as market department, production ministry, this lets her understand the problem of a few basic level of the company, master an enterprise every run segment, conduce day after solves the problem on management.

During market department works, jiang Liwan mastered the skill that communicates with the client. She thinks the sale wants to hold ” of opportunity “ introduction first, the client is willing listen respectfully, ability can introduce company product, have go about selling an idea again, the sale with successful “ serves, it is to make the after that the client makes an appointment with in the autograph satisfied, happy, such ability can be brought the next time cooperative opportunity. ”

The process with one pupil whole idea is by the market survey is begun, again research and development, purchase, production, pass the after of quality management, next ability are service of after of market promotion, carry out, jiang Liwan points out: “ average trading company pays close attention to market survey and carry out after to serve this two fields only, and industrial drag in arrives each link, complex rate rises greatly. ”