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"Stick cicada " groom with employee

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" the analects of confucius " in account so a story:

One day, confucius is taking a student to go Hunan country, by way of a woods, see a bow-backed old man is taking bamboo pole to stick cicada, seeming is like picking up a thing from underground, be being stuck is. Confucius asks: "You are so address, what clever court to have certainly? " bow-backed old man says: "I am methodical. I used the time of 5 months to practice catching cicada technology, if two bullets are put to drop no less than coming on bamboo pole top, so when stick cicada, the possibility that it escapes is very small; If 3 bullets are put to drop no less than coming on bamboo pole top, the opportunity that cicada escapes has only very one of; If the in succession on bamboo pole puts on 5 bullets to drop no less than coming, the thing that sticks cicada to go up like collect ground is euqally easy. My station is here, strong and reliable, although world is wide, everythings on earth is complex, but I see, think of only ' the wing of cicada ' . Be like because of the change of everythings on earth dispersive energy, can you catch cicada how again? Can you catch cicada how again??

Actually, of company staff groom also mix stick cicada similar, the target that just treats and complex degree differ. Groom also can divide likewise for 3 administrative levels: The first administrative levels can be done merely namely; The 2nd administrative levels is to be able to accomplish adroitness, be just as " 3 bullets are put to drop no less than coming on bamboo pole top " ; The 3rd administrative levels should achieve not dispersive energy, look those who want only " the wing of cicada " . This story of the ancients can say meaningful, tell us the enterprise grooms already need how long after all, what to also tell us to should groom content.

Be in Japan, one sticks what the worker of brand must pass two years to groom ability mount guard, a so simple work, why to want so do? Because they need, is the worker that can work below highest state. In Cisco, the time that employee grooms does not have the rule, they think business is mixed grooming is an organic whole, when notting have, grooming should be absent. So say, all and good grooming is to reach the 3rd arrangement -- , the highest state of that job.

"Stick cicada " story, those who emphasize is not skill however the change of the manner. And our enterprise grooms surely normally student always emphasizes finishing when the target what can do after grooming, namely the progress that through grooming student achieves respect of its knowledge, skill. Of course, complex really to the change of the manner much, want to let learner reach such state, need establishs the administrative drive measure of common distant view and form a complete set.