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Employee grooms 4 essentials

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1 . Groom only the major that uses quite skill

Should groom what skill, it is the issue that manpower resource director can hold, if groom,skill exceeded the requirement of post greatly, the company loses this talented person likely. For instance: A finance affairs of the company is in charge of, letting what he attends financial major groom is to work better, but if the company does not use English at ordinary times, his individual asks company arrangement attends English to groom, exceeded his post skill requirement, if the company agreed, very possible after he is learning, find new job with respect to the consideration, because know the person of financial meeting English,close spruce talent is on talent market.

2. Staff of station of preferential arrangement key

Of every company groom charge is finite, how had used finite resource, it is the issue that manpower resource director should consider, cannot will groom charge is spent on average go up in every employee body, and the value that wants the development according to the company, station and groom accordingly the result that demand investigates will undertake, staff of station of preferential arrangement key, the business that just can assure a company so continues to develop.

3. Groom and salary adjusts photograph union

Arrangement staff plays groom while, after must considering to groom, as its skill rise, reviewing the company's existing pay is reasonable. The post after grooming is adjusted and wages increases should be to groom the one part of the plan, such ability ensure quite of the company groom expenses has effect truly, won't because of groom and make personnel prediction of a person's luck in a given year.

4. Groom charge both sides is collective burden

Can use " groom contract " undertake restraining to both sides, let employee be clear that its serve deadline and should the fee scale of the burden was reflected in the contract. The enterprise can decide according to these contract provisions whether defray grooms charge, employee also can be mixed according to his working circumstance economic condition, will decide to whether attend groom, lest will resign henceforth when, both sides is grooming the conflict of charge respect. Of fee of general and bilateral load groom, the proportion that is used in education of individual record of formal schooling is more, in order to increase oneself the competition ability on on-the-job field, the company also hopes employee sets his mind at to work, learn its place to use. Say commonly, bilateral burden the method of a few charge is actualer.

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