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Ad firm manages by-talk advertisement clerk to need to groom what kind ofly

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Songxiaxingzhi aids Japanese famous entrepreneur say: "Groom very expensive, but do not groom more expensive. " because the enterprise lacks the loss that groom and causes to be head and shoulders above our imagination, because lack what groom and cause to raise sale cost, reduce sale efficiency, reduce sale, damage client relation to wait a moment, one of becoming business management tremendous " black hole " . Because a lot of losses attribute opportunity cost, did not reflect directly in accountant cost, accordingly, a lot of business management person oversight this kind of loss. As the rapid development of ad industry, the competition inside the industry is intense with each passing day, there is company of many 6000 ad in Beijing only, countrywide ad firm already broke through 100 thousand. And inside the industry " 100 thousand main forces " , depend on the China and foreign countries that has strong media to be in high speed to develop besides firm of ten large ad, what doesn't firm of other and most ad have in agency respect special advantage, development rate is sluggish. On the other hand, still have company of a few ad, although do not have any agency dominant positions, but they show itself in competition, does the reason where? Because they take employee seriously to groom very much,be.

  is grooming the market is hot of the capital today, a lot of ad firms hope grooming is to have specific aim, those who have effect of actual combat guidance groom. Rise as ad agency more, advertiser needs more and more in agency option " guide " , this kind " guide type to consume " new characteristic, the demand of sale application skill to advertisement clerk is higher and higher. In addition, the administrator that regards advertisement as the company, especially business manager, whether can head a significant group, whether to master ad firm to manage decision-making tool, those who matter to whole company live and develop.

Advisory limited company of business management of great exploit of favor of   Beijing rolls out " skill of advertisement clerk sale grooms " , " management of ad company sale grooms " and " advertising Wu manager trains battalion " wait for series to groom course, the problem that in selling a process in the light of clerk of domestic ad firm, exists, characteristic and ad firm administrator, especially the knowledge that business manager lacks and experience, made a series of enterprise interior meticulously groom course and groom publicly course, hope to be able to groom through major, raise phone of personnel of ad company business to sell skill and administrator quickly, especially the administrative ability of business manager.

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