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The enterprise grooms analyse of examine of 10 big errors

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Join WTO as China, the market situation that our country enterprise faces is grim with each passing day: Globalization competition aggravate, technical development is swift and violent, the client asks to rise ceaselessly to the quality of product, service, taller to the quality requirement of employee, talent contention battle is increasingly intense... more and more enterprises begin to take manpower resource development and management seriously, employee grooms the importance in the enterprise got huge promotes.

We a lot of enterprises take pair of employee seriously increasingly groom, regard the main component of management as it, some becomes the welfare that gives employee even. However, the enterprise often produces such case: Want to attend groomed person to do not have an opportunity, groom content outdated or quality are inferior, quality of the person that groom is inferior, controller does not support groom, recieve training person inimical to what learning knowledge, skill... at the same time, inside the enterprise, also have different view to grooming: The high level thinks, "It is much better to be introduced from abroad groom, middle-level carries out no less than going to however " ; Middle-level says, "The quality of employee is really poor " ; Basic level grouses " above train of thought is unidentified, they fall ill, let us take medicine however. " result, groom with what heart fine suffers from change almost everybody's dissatisfaction. Investigate its reason, the enterprise is in take seriously while employee grooms, also took certain error, groom the effect because of the existence of these errors get half the result with twice the effort. Oneself regard professional management as adviser, pay close attention to manpower resource development and management for a long time, sum up an enterprise to groom from which common 10 big errors:

One of errors: Grooming is to groom only the thing of the ministry, high-level ignored, middle-level does not support, basic level does not understand, groom ministry role is awkward, be just like " alone rambler " .

Company high level often has such knowledge: "All sorts of problems that company place appears, because employee quality is not high,basically be, employee is invite applications for a job of manpower resource department, groom the ministry is in charge of grooming, employee quality is no good is to groom the ministry grooms badly, the responsibility that so these problems are not our administrator " . Groom the ministry is just like " alone rambler " , walk alone in the enterprise, lower his head to brood, they do not understand outside roaring world, the person outside always also sends a brief survey that admires syncopation to take scorn to them. This grooms namely an awkward part.

"Grooming is to groom the thing of the ministry " the bias that is a kind of metaphysics, groom the support that cannot get other department, those who go against enterprise whole move. Groom the ministry should produce leading effect adequately, receive enough authorization, solve groom affirmatory, content designs demand analysis, project, groom assessment issue. Groom ministry should the level that set measures this company person with ability, pass course according to standard set photograph next, the organization grooms; Grooming of the ministry supervise below, be in charge of be being carried out inside the branch by middle-level controller " whole journey grooms " , groom the ministry should groom energy concentration in quality respect, be in a series of grooming, assessment hind has certain right to speak to promote and be being recommended of personnel, groom the significant position of the ministry should be strengthened.