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Connoisseur old hand: Groom with find new job

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Value some famous group company that employee grooms very much, cry gave such catchword: "The company does not produce a product solely, also produce a person, the gentleman before producing a product produces a person. " for this, this company established industry to train a center, a lot of new the undergraduate that speak is sent industry to train a center to accept those who be as long as 9 years to groom first, charge is assumed by the company entirely. The company returns a regulation, employee is during recieve training, need not enter production, get pay all the same. Up to now, center of this industry training already groomed early or late 5 employee.

However, your enterprise the ten phenomena that ache separately appeared: The enterprise spends the employee that big capital hardship grooms, what can stay in the enterprise later is not much however. The first 36 people, up to now remnant 3 people; The 2nd also only remnant 5 people, great majority is taking the skill that acquires from the enterprise to found new job to fly high. The reporter understands from labor department, in Fujian, have at least most probably the industry of above expresses to be able to arrange employee to attend more or less groom attend in a advanced studies, even what specific aim ground undertakes higher administrative levels to one part employee groom. But these enterprises worry again, the employee wing after fearing to groom is hard, the enterprise does not stay, groom devotedly charge was done for other marry the garment.

As we have learned, in coastal city, employee finds new job to resemble common occurrence same. Labor department says about the expert, the stuff that there is 80 % above in the enterprise jumps over groove, can wait for the employee that is in an enterprise to still be less than 60 % on average all the time to the end of the year from the beginning of the year; The employee that stays 2 years continuously still is less than 40 % , and what can stay 3 years continuously is fewer, 20 % do not go to the likelihood. More than gentleman tells manager of department of resource of labor power of company of a communication the reporter, he arrives from graduation now just full 3 years, had worked in 5 companies early or late however. Introduce according to him, every jump to an unit, can accept the system that controls to a month to groom, these grooming intervened very quickly to him immediate effect arrives since the job.


Talent flow should be a kind of normal phenomenon to the enterprise, however, if the enterprise issues the employee that great strength grooms to sign up for an enterprise back and forth with finding new job in succession however, this is abnormal. Most at least can explain, this enterprise did not provide better material benefits and development space to employee, cannot be attracted and tarry they.

Concerned expert points out, accept after grooming, the skill of a lot of employee and administrative ability rose really, the value ratio that creates for the enterprise had the growth with multiple even twice before, and some enterprises did not realize these however, still measure these employee with former viewpoint of value, performance assessment did not catch up with, pay pay and performance assessment do not have link up with. Then, more and more disappointed to the enterprise employee leaves in succession. Still a few courses groom ability had the administrative layer staff that increases apparently, him hope has the opportunity of preferment, if the company cannot satisfy them, so, they found new job to also become automatical issue.