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"Repeat, repeat, repeating " again is preschool education is essential

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The first it is reduplicative effect. Everything, want to repeat a baby to be able to be absorbed only.
This already got confirming, and I also made the introduction in front. The baby is extraordinary to be being had by " of reduplicative " material
"Remember ability " , this are adult place of too far behind to catch up with. And infantile memory thing also won't feel arduous.
Additional, the baby does not have difficult Yi Zhi to divide to the thing. "This is too difficult to cheeper, had not been necessary to let him write down " , this is over
It is the feeling of adult completely. Actually to the baby character is put in a thing that cannot learn because of embarrassing far from.
If have a look at bell wood to press down the research of one gentleman afresh again, we see this with respect to what can be clear about: One is hit from
Mother's womb begins to listen to native language repeatedly (Japanese) person, have extraordinary memorial capacity to native language. Relapse everyday
Hear beautiful music, any child meets adroitly spiccato and beautiful Bach and Mozart under the environment here.
Often listen to a person to say: Two people of brotherly, big child experienced violin, be in smally look at aside, listening. When small child
When the violin learning after be brought up, he can be caught up with very quickly and exceed big child. Because,this is, to small child character, big child
Child the favorable environment that plays violin became him to learn a violin.
To saying Japanese, all Japanese won't feel difficulty is simple perhaps. Because, they are listening to the repetition of adult
Chat in the center, give it naturally mastered.
Same, also do not have the cent of stand or fall to the baby.
The child won't know: Remember these things are useful, because this thing is bad,perhaps forget it rapidly. Accordingly,
If light gives a baby bad thing, he can learn bad thing ceaselessly.

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