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When teaching child, do not explain please

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The type teachs 2 o'clock is: "Do not explain and explain " . Previously, education takes the understanding to the meaning seriously, think dead
Write down hard back to cannot call education. But, also have cannot remember through mechanical memorizing, perhaps do not write down through mechanical memorizing not
Good thing.
Anyhow, we should mix the thing that goes remembering through understanding the thing that goes remembering through mechanical memorizing is distinguished come.
I think, "The ability after understanding sex teachs " to enter elementary school in the child only shows its effect to come. That is to say, 6 years old
Around is the period that left head and right head have the advantage is changed. Although the child cannot understand, engraft in cheeper phase his head
Child the thing in also can get as the growth of his age understanding. Is this very good thing?
I get a mother people when assist and beginning to do Chinese character card to try, ever also emphasized this particularly.
When seeing card to the child, my requirement mother people do not do any " to explain " , if say: "This word is love,
That word is affection, both union rises even if love " is waited a moment.
But, because this Chinese character is to pass a type to repeat those who teach the child,we cannot say, count on the child can immediately bright
White its meaning. Because even if Chinese character, also have the branch of far and near. If these Chinese characters resemble nose " of " ear " , " to leave the child in that way
Compare beside close, the child masters its meaning quickly likely. But if these Chinese characters resemble " ," of 8 6 arms leaves in that way
Compare beside the child far, the child does not master its meaning very hard to certain age. Once understand it,do not cross the child
Meaning, it can be remembered by child firmly ground.
Although undertake to the Chinese character the attempt of type education just just starts, but, from the point of the example of the beautiful wheel in front,
I believe firmly this kind of method is correct. If the person was brought up to just learn a Chinese character, he is about to undertake understanding to the Chinese character. Such one
Come, want to master a Chinese character, he must be paid than small when many very severalfold effort.
Altogether, the baby that to carrying a kind with understanding accepts all sorts of things will tell, his " study " and " are written down
Recall " to do not have a truth but character. The appearance that the baby remembers a mother and sound also were not passed any specification and understanding.
Before view of " education " thinks: Not explain meaning cannot be taken most with respect to the means of mechanical memorizing letting a person, it belongs to " force-feed duck "
The education of type.
But, if we are constrained at before educational view, regard " understanding " infallible law, so when the child had