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Why does fetal and clear mother cry

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For example, the problem that regards right head as prenatal education and inchoate education goes thinking, its meaning is quite far-reaching.
Before somebody once let my ultrasonic electron scanner in 25 thousand hertz, had had observation to fetal behavior,
I discover fetal behavior is surprising. In ministry of damask silk of Kyoto government office, the doctor Xia Shanying that one opened 30 old department of gynaecology and obstetrics one,
He from begin to use scanner ten years ago, will be opposite fetal have observation. He takes the ultrasonic picture that give very clear,
Great reputation is enjoyed between the doctor of department of gynaecology and obstetrics. I also see the picture that Dr Guo Xiashan films, picture really very clear. Although
Him pregnant woman has not become aware to be pregnant to oneself, but it is OK also to pass ultrasonic will fetal look as clear as dayly. Among them, have
Two fetal circumstances let me shake.
The first circumstance is such. Have a pregnant woman every months to want to go there the doctor, see through ultrasonic and baby
Face. But, to be pregnant the seventeenth week when, appeared suddenly unusual situation. The nurse says is " broken amniotic fluid " . This
After pregnant woman listens, panic-stricken, cried immediately: "Not, not, I do not destroy this child stoutly. I see
the child's cheek. I still had had a name to the child. Doctor, I beg you to give think method " . Actually, essential
Did not defeat amniotic fluid, and amniotic fluid is very enough still.
"This is false amniotic fluid, need not worry please! "Do in patience in the doctor when persuading the job, camera lens is surveillant all the time embryo
every act. In this period of time that argues the job, the infantile circumstance in the picture produced dramatic change.
The start is slower in the begining, the movement is fearsome later. Finally, the movement begins gradually barpque, infantile head, bosom and
Abdomen appears subtle convulsion. Later, this kind of convulsion spreads all over infantile whole body. Its movement is broken out, cannot see occupied
First bodeful, and the body the movement of each place is very slight.
The 2nd remains the fetal picture that sees through ultrasonic. At that time, fetal mom also is crying, be differred
Because,the mom that is him is glad and cry. This pregnant woman wants the child fast 10 years, be in 37 years old eventually when bosom
Went up the child. When the picture that shows through ultrasonic when her sees his child is being moved, she is touched so that cried. In mom
Before crying, infantile movement all the time late delay. When mom cries, because mom is excited, pulse is jumpy accelerate,
Make infantile heartbeat also is accelerated subsequently. But, the baby does not have the extraordinary move such as occurrence convulsion however, movement all the time bigger,