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Preschool education should develop right head of the person above all

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Published 1982 the turning point that makes me care left head and right head problem in two pieces of some photographs on scientific journal. These two pieces
The photograph is the cerebrum PET tomogram that California university films. PET calls positron fault of ray of radiative content X again take a picture
Art. When making cerebrum PET, should inject to human body first radio isotope candy, make scanning of cerebrum CT electron again next. From
The reach cerebrum section after scanning can see where blood flow is much. The hematic flow of that place is much, explain
The cerebrum activity of that place is brisk.
What these two pieces of photographs mirror is two people the cerebrum activity circumstance when hearing Mozart music. What a piece of photograph shows is
The cerebrum circumstance of musician, and the cerebrum circumstance that what another piece of photograph shows is common philharmonic.
Although these two people hear the music that is Mozart, but the cerebrum activity situation of two their people is different however.
The left brain that takes a person and right head photograph are compared, the right head blood stream of the philharmonic measures over left head; And the left head blood of musician
Discharge over right head.
People often said in the past, left head has the function of the language. We know, wait for a reason because of accident and cerebral hemorrhage when left head
And when be harmed, the person can produce language barrier. 1981, california university teachs Sipeili to obtain Nobel
After award, everybody just begins to notice the different function of left head and right head truly. Additional, win nobel prize in Sipeili before
A year, domestic Bulaikesili published American electronics to cry originally " THERIGHT BRAIN " book. Japanese translated term cries
" right head revolution " , it is big before grind of one gentleman interpret. This book is very interesting.
Previously, people says, the feeling that passes the body will remember sports. The point of view that this kind of sports discusses drinks the manage of or so head
Theory identical, those who say is one and the same. But, cerebrum is physiological the concept that did not accept " of right head of " of left head of this kind of " and " however
Basis " right head revolution " the specification with other book, the author calls left head language head or advantage head, and make right head
Musical head or bad sex head. The view of bad sex head is the invention of Hesperian, let a person feel interesting. These, we and do not go be in charge of
It. Above all, " of left head director says " , " reads " , " to write " of computation of " , " , " to assemble the academic sex such as " and " analysis " and argue sex
Item; Right head is in charge of the art that gives priority to with " music " and " art " and sports, and the domain that is in charge of expression of bad diction character,