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Rear the right head of cheeper through the education before the language

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The elephant is fetal perhaps to fetal conversation receive maternal emotive business, we are not clear still, cannot tell an among them truth
Come. And still cannot prove with the experiment: Consciousness has interior presence before. But, between left head and right head, we
What understand least of all is right head. If set out from the possibility of right head, we can exist consciousness before the heart is become
Make a kind of fact accept. About fetal feeling ability is mixed the problem such as the communication before the language, in on one chapter, I
Assume them the problem that is right head domain. Although I do not have clear academic basis, but I feel this kind assumes combine feeling
Previously, medical treatment and science pay attention to the problem of " body " only. Such doing, it is other and important whether were medical treatment and science ignored
Where is problem? Long-term since, medical treatment and science all the time the principle of believe in is: Hope child can install Andesheng to come down flatly,
Raise weight and height gradually later, want the child to be not gotten only disease is healthy.
Recently, began to appear the stability of body and mind that " cannot say prenatal education completely to have blind faith in " and " mother can give fetal produce Cheng Liang
Affect the view of " well. But, these views are very conservative still, did not achieve Mr Xia Shan, cereal mouth gentleman to mix far wild
The level that buccal gentleman place says, because these 3 gentlemen are complete,admit fetal have sentience.
I think, "Feeling " is the main ability of right head, of its ability is our place is adv unimaginably greatly. And, right head
what capacity appears is quite early. Before mastering a language especially, its ability is behaved so that highlight particularly. But later,
The ability of left head is held gradually on peak, right head is forced to quit the position with appurtenant house.
Of course, this is my subjective assume completely. I always feel, left head of the person is fighting with right head, strong one party is saying
Take weak one party. But, truth after all is a truth, in daily life, we are come up against via regular meeting a few him place hard
The example of understanding, I think this is the concern issue of left head and right head.
Say the child. Can talk when him, cerebrum had method gradually, when can undertaking reason thinks, its are left
Cerebral ability can become strong, the ability of right head can ebb.
I feel, although fetal have a kind to say to go up with the baby the power that exceeds capacity, because it is not become aware by adult place,also meet
Examine and miss for nothing. In the 3rd chapter, what I should say also is this meaning, namely " ability education wants from the heart before the language
Clever begin " .