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It is infant intelligence develops optimal period 3 years old ago

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Ever a mom looks for an expert to seek advice to whether have the problem of alone disease about her daughter. As we have learned, the child's parents has gotten higher education, when the child is born completely normal, mother milk feed arrives 4 months, darling grows livelily lovely. At this moment, the parental go into business of darling is in business, give the child the grandma that the country comes to hospitals nurse. The grandma is not talktive, live inside unit room, go out rarely. When the child sends nursery school 3 years old, won't talk with the child and interact, be diagnosed to be consequently " alone disease " . From now on, mom is taking a daughter to see a doctor to countrywide each district. Later, mom dismissed the job teachs the child with all one's strength, make the child had very great progress. In the child when seeking advice already 6 years old, although can talk,mix sing, but fail to reach normal level.

Analyse above case, the expert thinks this child was not to suffer from " alone disease " , however the important period that because be 3 years old ago,intelligence develops, what the element of psychological society environment of child lack language and association causes is light degree of intelligence is low, this kind of influence lasts probably lifelong. Tell from domestic angle, the cause that causes shortage of element of psychological society environment has the following kinds: The parental negligence to preschool education; Parents lacks Yo basic knowledge; Because the family is impoverished, parents is too busy the education of attend to child; Parents is right the child (especially girl or deformity child) have bias and abandon child; Parents leaves other, the child becomes the victim of unfortunate marriage to wait.

The child is 3 years old ago, the head grows, intelligence and social ability development are the rapiddest. The quality of inchoate development will affect the future of children. Should create favorable environment, the development of ability of society of ─ of ─ of stimulative children spirit, help children develops its potential adequately. 1989, assist with the hospital paediatrics undertook 0 ~ 2 years old with the doctor of sanitarian division children is inchoate educational research. Above all, choose normal new life 178, among them 62 to accept inchoate education form, additionally 116 are taught to press groovy means group. Experts concern a material according to our country, material of abroad of referenced part, the work out is inchoate educational outline, training requirement shifts to an earlier date than level of growth of normal children intelligence a month.

Content of inchoate education outline includes development of athletic development, cognitive ability, language, association and life to provide for oneself ability, specific content of education and means have the following kinds:

Carry stimulation and play, make children experiences the outside ambient of rich and colorful, namely all sorts of color, diversiform appearance and different sound.