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Family education from a year old before begin had better

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Recently, opinions vary to family education problem of the child. "Family education " can be on the base that preserves social life, make from
Personal behavior is unapt cause a trouble to other. For example, meet greet sb, carry instrument neat lest give other to cause not
Fast. These behavior, if be baby of 0 years old, he can loosen to regard them as loosely gently a kind of habit goes mastering, and
And oneself also do not feel laborious.
But, exceed 3 when the child, after 4 years old, the child regards family education as very hard a kind of habit goes mastering. One by one says
Bright truth lets the child take the action that accords with family education next, the person that teachs not only is very tired, and the person that is taught is very difficult also easily palm
Grasp. Original, teaching in home can be told without what truth, its purpose is to let you know how to be done.
These for the moments do not say it. Recently, parents no longer personally certainly child. Its are so formerly, say excellent church
Give a person a kind of gloomy impression, couplet letting a person thinks of " penalizes " and " punishment " . Some parents, they cannot bear the heart punishs him
The child. The surelysubject sb to discipline with him stringent concern can harm the child's little heart, leave the bad impression that effaces hard to the child.
It is with them when certainly child foot of Wei hand Wei.
But, why should parents penalize the child? Because the child arrived,be 3, after 4 years old, parents just begins to be opposite he
People have teaching in home, and the child won't, then parents carried out mandatory action to him. But if the child's family education from
0 years old begin, so although parents does not penalize he, he also can master well. Not, begin from 0 years old with its, be inferior to
Before having notting be born from the child, begin, parents should set oneself an example to others, relapse instead to the child answer set an example a kind of good deed
Mode. When the child can me-too moment, parents is about to praise him sincerely, can master truly till him till.
Contrary, the action that becomes the child and family education not when conform to, parents is about to help the child correct patiently, till child control
Till. Additional, although the person is not a monkey, but when the child is faced with life continuance to wait for major problem, parents also has surely
Want to take crucial step.
Such looking, the daily life itself of parents and child is " of " family education.
I speak of for many times, want the success that gains practice of 0 years old of education, its key masters in maternal hand. Want a mother to have only
Love, have glow, can train a person certainly, create a person.