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To the action of fetal conversation

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A lot of people once pointed out: Very important to fetal conversation. Allegedly, the Gu Kouyu of fetal culture institute manages first
Was born to once undertook carrying out during the wife is pregnant, his practice says to go up is the prenatal education " of " father edition. For example, in the late evening
Face before sleeping, touch the abdomen of the wife with the hand. Be opposite next fetal say: "I am your father You! You were brought up one day again today. You were brought up one day again today..
Such word, not only the child in abdomen loves to listen, and the mother in be pregnant also loves to listen certainly. Stroke with the hand when father
When the belly that strokes a mother, the mother of mood inquietude also is met very fast calm. Accordingly, the health of body and mind of pregnant woman can say,
Have father's meritorious service.
Mr Yekouqingzai is the author of commonalty bonesetting association, he invented method of bonesetting of open mouth type. He will from fetal
Initial education calls " subconscious education " . What is subconscious education? Such saying of open mouth gentleman.
"The heart that subconscious education is a blame consciousness becomes rich and colorful. It is the baby that just was born likewise, their state
Endless also and identical. Some cries to make popular feeling irritated, some often VIP is attended. This is by the baby inherent character is mixed
Moral character place decides. Some children are conspicuous in the crowd, some children are speechless, draw the attention that does not have everybody.
Maintain by a lot of people: These quality of the child are inherent, cannot change at will. And this kind is maintained is consciousness. Earth up
Raise consciousness previously the heart, those who make become rich and colorful. This is subconscious education. Accordingly, I feel: Education should
This from be pregnant begin. And, the sweetheart's heart also should be in subconscious in education. Only such, its ability be in harmony receives the person's blood
In. Teach a person the lover through telling a truth, although say broken mouth skin, also do not develop the love that gives a person. Also do not develop the love that gives a person..
The account of this paragraph of word of open mouth gentleman is in he is old early in a book that publishs. 30 years ago, I once asked open mouth first
Unripe see Zhou Yan crossing a shoulder, but my pressing root does not know at that time,he can have such idea. 1986 as a result of open mouth gentleman already
Die, so I visited the son of his madam and successive father line of business, and if gentleman of recur to open mouth has said.
I ask them to talk about bonesetting law is how the problem that look upon rears children and unripe child. Allegedly, deceased open mouth gentleman
After knowing the madam is pregnant, can become tender and considerate immediately, if take a madam to go out to take a walk, buy her to look at to the madam glad