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0 years old come 3 years old the training of the language

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Life lives to be to often be acquired old. The person that advocate children education advocates child learning has been jumped over earlier.      
Study and memory are impartible. Remembering ability is the requirement that the mankind reviews by experience middle school. Some cheeper can be recollected be born the scene of that one instant. Although still fail to talk, but in be being drawn by the picture, they learn birth detail apparently, the voice that includes instrument of delivery room medical treatment even (the sound that is like electrocardiogram and straw) . Apparent memory capacity is in early baby young period is budding already. Newest first phase pricks the discovery of a research of Ga needle magazine, the person's memory and study machine turn to be able to be in early even before not was born, already developed.      
Dutch carry on one's shoulder is special orchid the doctor is fetal to 25 mature undertake study. The belly that passes through a mother gives fetal sound and oscillatory stimulation, every thirty second one, by can see in supersonic wave, fetal be stimulated after, be less than one second, kick foot or peristaltic body with respect to meeting agitato. Dan Rexian gives stimulation 24 times thick and fast continuously, wait for after ten minutes to be stimulated again fetal, fetal behave complacent Xing Lanshan instead, without any reaction. This is the formation of a kind of short-term memory. It is already OK inside maternal body to show fetal cerebra by learns and remember same message momently, identify a reduplicative to stimulate and try ignore. Study further discovery, give exciting after 24 hours, fetal still can identify this sound and vibration, and did not make response. This states fetal cerebra can form long-term memory at the same time, be as long as 24 hours, still won't forget.     
The nerve of fetal memory is conducted machine turning is Jie writes nerve network to the habit between is changed and be formed. Repeat ceaseless stimulation to make thick and fast the conduction between nerve cell material is secreted drop, reduced nerve impulse consequently. Make motorial reaction disappears. The habit between cell of this kind of nerve transforms the main base that is cerebrum short-term memory and study. Long-term memory wants to rely on Ke Liebai albumen (Creb) participate in. This kind of albumen is accessibility inside nerve nucleolus, starting gene, make its produce a chain of specific material, again these material come to by means of the network that firm short-term memory forms, make its can maintain a few day above, memorial message also is written into this accordingly new in the nerve channel that form.     
In recent years consider to show, fetal cerebra has comparatived in maternal intrauterine activity frequent. Pair of different egg twin are in early 20 Zhou Dashi gives joint chronic posture or start with respect to mutual education. Lie between even write amnion, both meeting often the cheek is touched touch a cheek. Be born after one year old big when, the sport that they like most is lain between namely write drape to seek the other side, until come up against body of the other side, like that after laughs happily.