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Some things learn to be less than after 3 years old

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Proverbial cloud: "Suffer religion at child " . Recently, I learned a thing from a child body of 4 years old. I from old early
Begin, live in the apartment of downtown all the time. With others, saw Zun Lin is right abandon, I just also go silently
Ceremony, greet sb each other rarely.
One day, one moves the little boy that with me the home is the same as first floor layer to say to me: "Good morning! "I waveringly otherwise
Want the one split second that greets sb to others, little boy made call to me however. Then, I also said a " good morning to him! ".
That day, my mood appears all the more frank. Since wherefrom, I see neighbour, greet sb actively to them,
And with that little boy still became a good friend.
Recently, the child that can greet sb actively in that way to little boy does not see more, because of this my thing to little boy very feeling
Interest, how does the father and mother that asks little boy teach little boy. Ground of their as if nothing happened tells me: They are done not have designed
What to teach the child, it is from the bosom he begins later only with respect to nurturance a habit. Get up in the morning say " good morning! ", late
Sleep on say: "Good evening! ". I feel: This teachs the basic principle that has teaching in home through the type namely.
Of course, ability is 4 little boy years old, he understands why he wants to greet sb with the person impossibly. But, he however can dozen
Accost Fu Zhu at the action, can act, a bit it is important to compare everything between family education just about.
Greet sb not only such, and " makes allowances for other " also is same argument. For example, appear between middle and primary school "
Problem of " of ride roughshod over. Somebody points out: Want appearance of " of exterminatory " ride roughshod over, important is the anguish that lets the child learn to make allowances for other and Bei
Really such. We should be taught to child earnestly and tirelessly, make their " great make allowances for other " . But, if we this
did, can the child make allowances for other really? I think, very difficult.
Because,this is, it is other, a bit better to other to show sympathy not be to pass preach to manage to be able to learn.
If be a family that is full of love, show sympathy each other between parents, esteem old person, so although do not go with the language
Religion, the baby also learns behavior means of parents and talking way naturally. After waiting for a baby to be brought up, parental travel
Go up in child body with respect to meeting emersion for means, make the child becomes a person that shows consideration for softly.
People often says, the child's ability, individual character and hobby are inherent etc. But I am certain: These elements
Be not inherent, after coming down because of life however, what the type that he gets teachs is different and have very big different.