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When the type is taught, only maternal ability is accomplished quite

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In front, I did all sorts of specifications to everybody with respect to type education, I want to emphasize to everybody finally a bit. That is:
The key that the type teachs masters in maternal hand.
Does a year old former baby have how old acceptance and potential capacity? Adopt type education, the baby has capacity of how many " "
Can you develop? These problems, in show level we return utterly ignorant. But have a bit I dare affirm, that is:
Can develop " of infantile " ability have a mother only, is not the educational expert such as psychologist and educational scholar.
The people research to 0 years old of babies is complete before it is a blank. So say, it is exaggerate sth just to scare people anything but. 0 years old of research
Because,backward main reason is: Most thing of the baby has a mother to be able to understand only.
In front, I cross the story of a dogs to everybody introduction. Small cooky begins from the 12nd day when be born by the person from the dog
Reave beside mom. When his 3 farewell after week come, the life of its disposition and doggery is antipathetic. Connect his dog Mom
Mom does not admit he is his child, he got discriminate against. From this story, I do not count on everybody immediately can
Reach what lesson comes. But, we must consider a mother however child concern issue. Even if has kin, once mother
Child connection ligament is cut off, it is very difficult also that she wants repair to rise. This one phenomenon already was clear that from the body of the dog the ground is shown
Come out.
This kind of mother child the relation has very important sense in 0 years old of education. Type education begins from 0 years old, its leading role
It is a baby, and another is a mother. Want to start type education smoothly, must have certain requirement, namely baby and mother
Close interior ligament must firmly ground joins together.
Recently, eventually scholar and researcher begin the issue that studies 0 years old, but they are returned to infantile understanding very do not fill
Cent. And, at the same time baby of 0 years old, its circumstance is not identical also. Did not have an accident in the baby before, her parents is
What how think is right what did she say again? The difference of these circumstances, make baby from before be born, begin with respect to each not identical. Most
Can understand a baby, can undertake according to infantile circumstance the type is taught, did not have others besides infantile mother.
However, those who make a person regretful is: More and more mom begin to feel difficult, do not know oneself go out the job is good,
It is good to still raise the child in the home. Even, some mom still feel: Be in the home to raise the child is a kind of sacrifice. This kind of idea is without
Before this, I already had said for many times repeatedly, 0 years old are the important period that creates a person. Honest ground says, on the world