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Infancy and new student period suit to have children education most

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Have a bit I want to put forward, at the outset I made serious mistake on preschool education problem, think fetal with the new student
Do not have the capacity that accepts education. Because lack understanding to the ability of cheeper, make oneself preschool education begins at complete not
The preschool education condition that be the same as.
Above all, I want to talk about fetal problem. Want to understand fetal state to must use X light, and before 20 years,
Can jump through listening to fetal heart only, check fetal pulse to know fetal state. But, in recent years, because B exceeds
appear, what people knows to fetal state is more, finer. Previously, we do not understand a baby to be opposite of exterior stimulation instead
Should, but we can know now.
In the past, people often says: The talk of music and mother is beneficial to the baby. And what prove this kind of view truly is Japan
The room ridge with deceased medical university he confirms one gentleman the sound outside the uterus can enter fetal ear film.
The voice that room ridge gentleman hears the baby inside the uterus, maternal heartbeat and the sound that blood flows undertook recording.
He discovers the toddler that lets just was born to listen to this kind of recording can stanch his / her cry. " of small sheep of " of toy of the animal that make, collection
The unit that has tut is seamed into the toy inside, put next cry the bedside of a ceaseless baby has a test, we discover baby
meeting every day go off. Make a person mysterious too. Be born especially the baby that a week controls, its effect is more apparent.
This explains, fetal can hear not only external sound, and can remember external sound, the baby leaves before not was born
Only then the sound with beautiful study.
Such example is very much still. I think from this and further ground points out, infantile feeling originates mother, she mixes his /
Mother a feeling. Recently, as physiological progress. Ceaselessly research achievement makes clear: The sensation that becomes a person happens
When change, material of chemistry of his place excretive (cerebrum delivers material) conference action at cerebrum. This kind of view makes the person thinks very easily
To, material of chemistry of the excretive in maternal blood can pass umbilical cord to produce tremendous effect to the baby. This is to lean before view
Place cannot understand completely, because before view the motion that bureau be confined to passes change of nerve fibrous electric current to take brain
Move. People believes so called prenatal education is superstitious, even schoolbook writes in black and white on: Never mention it fetal, be born namely 3
Lunar baby also loses sight of any. Schoolbook was made recently revise. Namely the baby can see in a month after be born
Thing. That is to say, the view that thinks the baby that just was born loses sight of a thing still is in hall and the ground of emperor is popular.