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Carry juvenile products, come by disposition

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Furniture design is outstanding " disposition "
In children furniture city, the reporter saw " famed long already " " children disposition furniture " . The line that these homes have is straightforward, some line are fruity; Some majolica, some colour quietly elegant. Make what the person looks to be able to feel all sorts of furniture different.
Brand manager Ms. Wu Tao of this furniture manufacturer says to the reporter, "Children disposition furniture " basically wait for a respect to begin to design from color, line, appearance, design namely, those who reflect disposition to go up is different guide the tendency.
Generally speaking, the child with opposite introversion, weak disposition had better choose a few edges and corners trenchant, lines is brief the furniture with straightforward, comparative and intense color; And fretted to a few disposition, good the child that move recommends choice line the furniture of quietly elegant of tectonic and fruity, clever, color.
Nature things is modelled to disposition have auxiliary effect
Education of college of Shenzhen college normal school fastens instructor to expend An Hong to express, the formation of child disposition, besides foster with the family outside having the most immediate concern, still concern with outside ambient influence. And the things such as the furniture that children contact daily, toy, stationery, can mix to education on certain level model the child is healthy and good nature to have certain and auxiliary effect.
Furniture is a family " hardware establishment " , "Children disposition furniture " from go up somehow for, already suit the need that the child grows, blended in the action that the environment affects each other again, make the child's disposition is able to reflect adequately. "Disposition furniture " degree of finish of shade of medium color changes in temperature, line is fruity, tectonic the different design style such as circumference right and wrong, to child disposition model the intuitionistic edification function with have particular.
Choose things to should consider disposition tendency
Expend teacher proposal, will choose every day object according to disposition characteristic of the child, want to consider the facial expression of things above all. Because color is having the directest stimulation to the vision. Very a few introversion, static, blue, segregative child, can choose to slant appropriately red, yellow wait for the color with trenchant colour, warm color attune can increase child self-confidence, positive life attitude, make up for the inadequacy in child disposition. To a few extroversion, good move, blundering child, can consider to choose green, blue etc slant cold colour, stimulate in order to reduce intense colorific further, avoid disposition to develop to extreme direction.
Next, want to consider the pattern of things. The complex degree of all sorts of design on things and flowery degree, also affected reaction of child visual sense directly, be opposite secondhand disposition tendency of the child produces an effect.