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The education that expands intelligence only does not call education

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A moment ago spoke of " type teaching the 3 gist of " to nod to everybody, now, I still want to emphasize again to everybody a bit. That
Yes: "What should type education " foster? This, I hope everybody considers seriously.
I once had been told for many times in front, the type range that the type teachs is very wide, spend to life form from Chinese character, foreign language, from
See the thing all-embracing with the invisible thing that must see, and divide without difficult Yi Zhi to the child.
For example, the mother often is caressed to infantile tenderness, be full of love, come so, the baby can go through type understanding
Experience maternal love, undertake absorption to it. Of course, the baby does not understand this is " love " . But, after the baby is grown
When knowing " loves the word of " , he is called love with respect to clear what, understand it deeply through personal feeling. At that time,
He stays on the abstract understanding to literal no longer to the understanding of love.
But, if the baby did not accept type education in this period, although very difficult also true understanding was brought up after him
"Love " . And the action that although understand in his heart,also won't have love. Because he did not acquire the behavior of love,this is.
Speak of " teaching " , the respect that often can make we develop toward intelligence goes considering. But as the person, as one social
, to live, be about to be in potential period, through the type education develops the ability of " necessary " .
Here, I hope everybody handles the issue of " of " family education seriously. Respecting family education, appear to be able to give everybody child of a kind of blame
Child and fool the impression that persuades the child. If let the child be done so, must not the child is done in that way etc. Actually, parents was not necessary this
painstaking. If parents is in the child is 0 years old when, begin a kind of his environment to make him ceaseless contact this kind of environment,
There is teaching in home with respect to meeting nature after the child is grown so. Come so, the problem of family education becomes simple.
We cannot mix the person monkey confuse sth with sth else, but I think the practice of the monkey has teaching in home to the person is to have referenced value
. I introduce a very moving old practice to everybody below.

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