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Beijing next year will be added 100 thousand " pig darling " urgent groom elder

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According to report of Beijing evening paper, it is the encounters 60 years “ gold pig in fokelore next year year ” , many young husband and wife are planning to want to give birth to ” of “ pig darling, new student of Beijing of predicting next year the amount should be broken through 100 thousand close greatly, the demand that this also means professional month elder brother's wife is climbed somewhat litre. It is reported, beijing homemaking association is new today open “ Mu Ying nurses division ” grooms project, to the end of the year Beijing will have 200 months elder brother's wife to obtain qualificatory letter. Even if is not each new student the family needs lunar elder brother's wife, 200 months elder brother's wife and 100 thousand new student between still put in the breach of supply and demand with breathtaking move.

Groom cost is as high as more than 1000 yuan

As we have learned, in future inside 2 half moon, these attending groom nurse division general by Beijing assist be engaged in Mu Ying nursing with the famous expert of hospital of hospital, a hospital for gynaecology and obstetrics, children and home senior personage of the job undertakes from different point of view professional quality grooms. Installed a puerpera to nurse, new student nurse, new student foster 3 parts course, include 0 to 12 months baby common disease nurses and mood of motion of processing of accident harm precaution, pregnancy, prenatal education, baby is analysed, the 20 many projects such as auxiliary childbirth.

Nurse master people hold through academic, fact even, rejoin wait for an exam, ability obtains letter of professional aptitude assess. Card satchel draw together is primary, intermediate and advanced 3 grade, mu Ying of this kind of “ nurses whole nation of division ” certificate is current. Primary, intermediate parting with advanced tuition is 750 yuan, 950 yuan mix 1250 yuan.

Mu Ying nurses division grooms raised taller requirement to the applicant: Lie of lax of  of enemy Ping of Piao of ε of Xing of だ of blain of M of carbuncle of short for Weihe River thanks  of sword of  of Mou fierce ㄋ to mail? of bittern arrest favour year above. But the policy that the person that sponsor also set “ to specialty can enrol ” especially: Right stool goes straight towards Su  ? year, those who exceed 20 can apply for to attend “ without the record that retreat sheet advanced nurse division grooms ” .

Salary of elder brother's wife of the month that hold card is close 4000

A personage inside course of study says, the company that at present Beijing homemaking market does business of lunar elder brother's wife is increasing, member unit has about 8000 people pursueing job of lunar elder brother's wife. Job of “ month elder brother's wife involves a new student the safety with the puerpera and health, the risk is higher, but gain is very big also. If be to give client introduction a common homemaking clerk, homemaking company can get 100 multivariate profit every months about, but if be to introduce elder brother's wife of a month, the profit of a month of company achieves 500 yuan possibly. because such, a lot of homemaking companies begin professional work of lunar elder brother's wife in succession, but assure very hard from the quality of personnel of course of study. ”