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Shenzhen Yuesao short supply on most cattle can earn 8,800 yuan Yuesao

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During the Spring Festival every year in August, Shenzhen, maternal and child care centers in various formal Yuesao, almost all busy. Since emerging in Shenzhen Yuesao past few years, the industry seems to have become a sunrise industry, not low wages, Social status higher than the average of the housekeeping staff. City Home Service Industry Association, said Lu Zhenkun, Yuesao industry has not only the experience of eating alone, with the progress of society, it will be increasingly specialized. According to statistics, Shenzhen, tens of thousands of newborns each year more than half their monthly wage employment Yuesao lowest in more than 2,600 yuan Status: Shortage of formal company Yuesao With the rapid development of society, all these years, basically every year some new industry was born, Yuesao one of them. Domestic industry, according to familiar domestic Industry Association, Shenzhen Lu Zhenkun said Yuesao Appeared in Shenzhen, but also five or six years but recently things, but in recent years, Yuesao industry in full swing. According to statistics, Shenzhen has more than tens of thousands of newborns each year, even up to 13 million individual years (eg Year of the Rat, Year of the Pig), nearly half of the new mother needs Yuesao services. At present, the total number of Shenzhen, just over 30,000 Yuesao People, far from meeting the needs of the industry. Especially during the Spring Festival in August each year, the formal domestic sector companies, and maternal and child care businesses, the classes are filled. Recently, with the emergence of high-wage sector Yuesao by some media, the industry has become a hot topic. According to media reports in Beijing and other cities, more than 6,000 yuan monthly salary Yuesao is not nothing new. Lu Zhenkun told reporters, Shenzhen Yuesao domestic service industry associations will be divided into five pay levels, the first level of the minimum wage from 2,600 yuan / month off, and the fifth grade Yuesao can reach 6000 yuan monthly salary. Beyond this, There is a "super" Yuesao, care that is particularly strong professional competence, "stunt" Yuesao starting wage from 6600, high are not capped. Currently engaged in Yuesao industry, mainly middle-aged laid-off workers, although in recent years, there are some young people in their twenties and even fresh graduates to join, but people who do well are still rare. Extreme level Yuesao: Nurse services elite family background and more The SAR, Shenzhen "Yuesao could get the highest ranks of how much money a month," is that many people are interested in the topic. Lu Zhenkun told reporters that he had given a friend the boss had a Yuesao, this Yuesao to The price of other fixed base salary 8800 yuan / month, not including the standard number of red envelopes in addition to the awards. It was his understanding that this should be in Shenzhen Yuesao world "Extreme Class" of the wages. When a reporter said it wanted to interview about "The most cattle Yuesao", the Luzhen Kun said, the other services for this friend after completing the latter has been introduced to a friend in Italy, is the Yuesao in Italy do. Why is this so cattle can Yuesao? Lu Zhenkun told reporters that the Yuesao, 42, is from Hubei, and she is very strong skills in all aspects, a former nurse she will not only make maternal wound treatment, lactation, breast Massage and other provisions of motion, but also four or five local confinement customs, such as Guangdong people are used to drink soup confinement, she can make a Hubei-out to authentic. During the confinement of maternal psychology is very One of the important nursing, some mothers suffering from depression easily in the postpartum period, and some immature Yuesao in during the month, or even give way and the invasion of maternal depression, and he is infected with symptoms. However, the Hubei Yuesao do almost every one, can get the mother's love. Served by her family, mostly rich or respectable elites in Shenzhen. Industry saying: Urgent need of fresh blood to join City Home Economics Industry Association, Lu Zhenkun expressed the hope that more new blood into the Yuesao team, and also welcomes college students to join the industry. "Now, with the development of science and technology, industry has Yuesao Become increasingly specialized, and not experienced, on behalf of all the technology in today's society, more emphasis on the industry's ability to learn, students in this new stronger position than the older. " Lu Zhenkun that many college students still do not quite understand this industry Yuesao. "'Yuesao' which has a 'Sister' word, many people took it as older people able to do." Luzhen Kun said, in fact, medical After graduating from nursing school students are also engaged in similar types of work, but the latter is marking care. Yuesao industry people think the risk is not as high, normal children and congenital diseases in preterm infants, by a professional with knowledge of medical care and treatment, neonatal jaundice, also by the experts to deal with advanced disease , Yuesao just need to do some routine care. "Good Yuesao, the key is to see you are not a caring person, willing to refuse to learn, as long as the dry well, as this line can come out ahead." Luzhen Kun said.