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Why is hard to find high-paying Yuesao Shenzhen Yuesao training should be stand

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Why is hard to find high-paying Yuesao? Industry sources said the national monthly care market bigger and bigger, Shenzhen Yuesao training should be standardized Industry sources, only the market norms, and to attract more highly qualified employees to Shenzhen Yuesao ranks. (Picture) photo reporter Jiang Zhiqiang Shenzhen News Net News 8 is "March" Women's Day, baby-house services in Shenzhen, general manager of Wang Yun did not have time to celebrate their own festival. Received phone calls from reporters, she had just returned from Shenzhen, Nanning, these two days, she Went to a special trip to Nanning to participate in the local Women's Federation and job fairs organized by the labor department. Wang Yun told reporters after the Lantern Festival this year, before the holiday leave Yuesao Shenzhen, Shenzhen has gradually returned, but the peak of last year the number of employees Than in the period, there are still dozens of vacancies, due to open branches this year, plans to absorb "new blood" into the New Year Wang Yun's first issue. But this trip allows the Wang Yun was in Nanning, the right to hire more Yuesao And more difficult. Middle-class gap increasing Yuesao Now two years ago, Wang Yun and do not need to go back and forth to job, home job were almost worn out the company's threshold, just waiting for her to pick. This year the Spring Festival, Wang Yun rented part of the quarters more than for new workers Ready, but the Festival this year, but found less and less active job-seekers home, but unfortunately she had to go himself from under recruitment. Wang Yun told reporters before the Spring Festival this year, due to return home to lead Yuesao demand, Yuesao prices briefly rose 10%, in accordance with the practice began to return after the holiday as the staff increased, the price will be a callback, but due to not hire people , With orders not received, the current staff is only enough to do some casual days alone, prices have not been able to implement things, "Now the market needs most, the greatest shortages of primary and secondary Yuesao, that is, monthly fees in 2500 to 3,000 monthly nursing staff. "She said. Prices for the domestic industry before the holiday, after the holiday price cuts, Home Economics, Shenzhen, good sister, General Manager Meng said chain management is a normal situation. Domestic service before the holiday after the holiday in the supply and demand, prices and other aspects of the larger contrast So many years, but this year not only Yuesao, Shenzhen domestic service prices and staff salaries remain in the post before the holiday location, even if the primary nurse, last year's salary of 1200 yuan per month, this year remained at Festival 1300 ~ 1500 yuan. He said that although the good sisters Yuesao can basically meet the customer demand, but the market demand for mid-level Yuesao remains high. Not paid to recruit good staff Journalists in the survey found that prices in Shenzhen in recent years on care services has risen steadily from the initial 1000-2500 yuan per month, later rose to 1400-3500 yuan per month, and now a senior to you in Shenzhen Yuesao, Spent about 4,500 yuan a month or more. With the growth in business volume, demand trends are becoming evident, Yuesao "value" have gone up. It is understood that Yuesao than the average wage rose by 1,000 yuan two years ago, domestic companies house Shenzhen Ai Xiaoxiong human resources director, said the company Yuesao minimum income 2,200 yuan, 5,000 yuan higher up, not Asia In "white collar." The industry said that in the more formal domestic enterprises in Shenzhen, only a small part of the Yuesao can receive four or five thousand dollars a month salary, the monthly income of 2000-3000 yuan or so more than a thousand a month nanny More wages, Yuesao in domestic service industry is truly a "higher-income group", with the manufacturing industry compared to skilled workers, this is not low salaries are also considered, but why is hard to find a better paid employees? Wang Yun told reporters in Shenzhen on care industry in the country started the first, very rapid development in recent years, in China in Shenzhen and Beijing Yuesao the highest price. However, since Recently, some cities on the mainland care line Shenzhen is also great to catch up with industry trends. She said that Shenzhen Guangxi and Hubei is a major exporter of Yuesao sources, this time she found to Nanning, Shenzhen enterprises in the local training of laid-off workers have obvious advantages as in previous years, Nanning Yuesao The highest income can reach 3,000 yuan, but also enjoy the treatment of food, accommodation business, which makes the local laid-off women workers have more options, many of them feel that their homes might as well stay in Shenzhen work in the local, the same Like a very good development. "If that does not move, we intend to continue to pay." Yun Wang told reporters that the move is effectively a raise, she said that now is not to say. Companies are looking to regulate the market The most impressive is to Nanning, Wang Yun a more systematic training of local institutions, such as to ensure the quality, the local labor department training at each stage only a certain number of Yuesao, only responsible recommendation, where his work with the Yuesao Selection, which allows companies and local enterprises in Shenzhen on the same starting line competition. In Shenzhen, Yuesao training is basically done by the enterprises themselves. Yi Xiaoxiong means, Yuesao is a family of domestic workers in high-tech, and their salaries also need the skills to fully support. It is understood that the family household to invest in Shenzhen last year, the first domestic training school, opened a month Sao, nursery teacher, nanny and other training courses, professional practitioners of Home Economics, Home Economics systematic skills training. Baby of the family also has been training as pre-and in-service employees during the key projects to build, good Sister and some other regular housekeeping, Shenzhen, monthly care companies have also set up training courses. Enterprises to participate in vocational training, to some extent also reflected in the training area now Yuesao out there who can not meet the quality needs of the market reality. Yi Xiaoxiong that, in general, the training industry in Shenzhen is still on care Satisfactory, Yuesao can not meet the employer requirements, a high proportion of return to a certain extent, employers lose confidence in the market and development. Industry have suggested that Shenzhen authorities should try to establish standards of training on care industry Standards and training institutions to adapt to the Shenzhen market needs to build on nursing personnel, only the formal market, and to attract more highly qualified employees to Shenzhen Yuesao ranks. Private single sign Yuesao Enable enterprises headache WASHINGTON Shenzhen, a domestic company, a Yuesao, took over a company to arrange for care orders for the two month, but work a month later, she was a private agreement with the employer at a low price to the company, please speech. Two months later, this Yuesao completed work on home care. Employers have found that several hundred thousand dollars of property was missing home, the employer had to help their enterprises to Yuesao original. Public security departments in the enterprise and help, this is theft nanny in the home Captured by the employer to recover the loss. Although this is a case of malignant cases, but Yuesao and employers "sign private single" phenomenon is not uncommon in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Good Sister Meng, general manager of domestic chain management analysis, like this "break up" the Lord in the community Yuesao Have several, one person waiting list domestic enterprises, and second, to flow between the enterprise, yet the staff and business contract, the third is a private sign the agreement with the employer's staff. These people care about total number of sectors in Shenzhen for 20 months ~ 30%. "Corporate culture Yuesao cost two to three times the ordinary nanny, not to create effective Yuesao to leave company, is the loss of business, it also raised a number of social problems." He said. In this regard, Shenzhen, baby-Yun Wang, general manager of home services proposed, whether the Shenzhen local "guerrilla" Yuesao together, on the one hand to solve management problems of the industry, it also solves the difficult problem of recruiting companies . Meng is proposed that the Government should come forward to establish an independent, professional organization responsible for training, but do not participate in sales and distribution staff, while establishing standardized training process and contract management.