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Yuesao row to the Festival is also shortage of orders

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"Last year, friends asked Yuesao took only 1,000 yuan, more than doubled this year, actually!" In order to find Yuesao expectant wife, Xiao Zhao, who lives in South Lake Gardens have time to go out into the domestic companies a run for his surprise, Yuesao wages did not Low and very tight. "From now until after the first month, is the year's most prosperous period of demand." Yesterday, the reporter visited the River City domestic market, many domestic company has said that, from the "recruit" to the increased training efforts, as the face of shock Intense competition in the market, domestic companies from now on "preparing for" years off. A domestic company that has experienced Yuesao wage of 2,000 yuan that may still face greater employment gap. Appointment as customers around the Spring Festival 2 "Customers do not worry about staffing before and after the New Year, there are also customers for various reasons like substitutions." Wuhan service companies charge a small Huangjia Zheng Huang Jianhua, at present the reception of customers, there are about 1 / 5 staff for the New Year booking. "In addition to Yuesao, the demand for part-time cleaning staff is quite big." Yanhuang Home Economics Group Business Manager of Wuhan to the song Li said in recent years with the improvement of living standards and domestic awareness of the changes, more and more people tend to please Paul Clean professional cleaning staff. "Traditional festivals such as Spring Festival, the demand for labor has been the biggest." Remuneration "starting at" up into five Last year, the River City Yuesao given domestic service companies pay an average of 1,000 yuan, said many companies this year, "starting price" has risen to 1,500. To accompany the baby to sleep some of the "home Yuesao," you can Received more than 1,800 yuan; with state labor department issued a certification of the "nursery teacher", the monthly pay can reach 2,000-3,000 yuan. It is understood that, in addition to Yuesao, other domestic service salaries also increased. For part-time cleaning staff, many domestic companies are given the "market price" in the 15 yuan / hour, and generally last between 10-12 dollars. "Around New Year, the price will certainly make up." Boss of many domestic companies, said in November that year around the Spring Festival, the wages of employees described as "soaring." Fear of lack of people not afraid of price increases "I'm afraid not price, is the lack of people!" Lee said to the song, although a substantial pay increase this year may want to hire the right people, or "very difficult." On the one hand, many Yuesao not professional housekeeping staff, the Chinese New Year Period, many people choose to go home with their families; the other hand, the customer requirements of domestic workers have become more sophisticated, "requires not only education, habits, and some even ask the height and place of birth, full compliance to Ask the staff hard to find. " "And the coastal cities, the central region's understanding of the domestic service sector is relatively backward." Lee said to the song, in Wuhan, rarely seen fresh graduates to join the domestic service. "Many people think that this line of disgrace, to the No amount of money to do nothing. "Surrounded by young graduates of the nursing profession, preferring to hold a monthly salary of 1,000 yuan in a number of small companies do administrative, do not want to do Yuesao, allowing Lee to the song was a pity. But there are also domestic service company executives believe that new graduates are not suitable for domestic service. "Customers tend to choose women 35-40 years of age, these people are generally rich in life experiences, whether people still care Is the household chores are easy to use. "Said Huang Jianhua, university graduates engaged in domestic service, but the lack of competitive advantage.