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Social service needs of family life growing Yuesao paid less than white-collar

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Yuesao 2000 years income of 800 yuan, the highest this year rose to 4,800 yuan; Parenting Sao years income of 500 yuan in 2000, this year rose to 3,500 yuan; Baojie Gong in 2000 charged 0.8 yuan per square meter, this year rose to 3 yuan per square meter; Semi-self-care or care of the patients was completely unable to accompany the 2000 income of 500 years, this year rose to 120 yuan per day, individual or even 200 per day ... ... December 14, Shenyang City, Zhao Hailin, executive director of Family Services Association, told reporters: "the impact of supply and demand by the market, Chen Cheng family services personnel services price inflation too quickly. After 10 years compared to most rose 3 times , and some even rose by 7 times. Family Services employees income in all industries, second only to the construction industry. It can be seen from the hot market, people's living standards, family life, growing demand for social services large. " More difficult to hire fewer people live Xiao Yao, 32, had just made a father of 4-month-old child, and these days in order to find nanny, he threw a little hand size of the business to several domestic companies to "select" people, not too busy, small Yao emotion. Recently, as he so anxious to find many people in nanny, a reporter visited several domestic companies a better word of mouth, heard a similar sound - now nanny is too short, especially experienced parental daughter-in nanny salaries are also booming. Xiao Yao out for the nanny's salary is: 2000 yuan / month, day and help us to see their children, clean the room, cooking, night nanny with no children. But a domestic company to contact the child care she and her sister Shen Xiao Yao out of the salary is not agree, "is on the employer to 2,500 yuan / month, how can not be less than this ah." Xiao Yao privately told reporters that his psychological level of 2,000 yuan / month or so, seeing the price could not agree, but to look for the company. Chinese domestic companies in the China Youth Press found that reception phone did not stop within 15 minutes. "Too busy, I received dozens of calls a day, are looking for nanny." Staff told reporters that 50 years of age, diligent, patient, careful, with children's aunt would be the most sought-after - their wages than clean health is much higher, Yuesao 3800-4000 yuan / month, childcare Sao 1800-2200 yuan / month. Reporter from Shenyang City Family Services Association, the ratio of supply and demand from the market point of view, generally in the 10:3 or so, that is, at least 10 customers who can not be met 7. The lower proportion of old-age care, only 10:2. China CY, hundred, gold, Detachment of Women, Family and other service enterprises Chen Cheng managers generally reflect, in accordance with service analysis, Yuesao, parenting daughter-in nursing care, the biggest demand for child care early education, hospitality customers in 20 day or more. In addition, the market demand is also reflected in popular high-end talent, and some customers would rather pay a lot, it is difficult to hire highly skilled, high-quality family services staff. Demand Exceeding Press interview that, affected by many factors, the number of people in domestic service, Chen Cheng declined. As demand, business-to-home services, family services staff intensified follow-up to compete for power, many companies have Shenyang view out into the province's remote areas, do everything possible to cooperate with the local government, with favorable conditions to encourage and guide farmers into the city to do the work of Family Services . Zhao Hailin, told reporters that Chen Cheng severe shortage of Family Services employees have the following main reasons: first, restructuring state-owned enterprises has been basically completed and towns, "4050" has achieved most of the employment and reemployment, people who work in domestic service more to the less; the second is the party of favorable policies to attract a large number of returning migrant workers in rural areas, especially suburban farmers did the basic work of human stem family services; third, "after 80" or even "after 70" young people, even require parents to take care of their own, do not want to serve others; fourth is affected by stereotypes, family services industry has not yet been widely recognized by society, be looked down upon, employees feel inferior; Fifth, promote the implementation of family services system for most businesses wages by the employer to pay directly to the housekeeping staff, enterprises do not pay pension and health insurance costs, lack of security systems.
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